Barça 43-30 Abanca Ademar de León: Perfect season completed

Barça 43-30 Abanca Ademar de León: Perfect season completed

The Barça handball team dominate the final Liga game to complete the perfect season at the Palau Blaugrana, with tributes to Ludovic Fàbregas and Artur Parera

It just had to be, the Barça handball team ended the Liga Plenitude Asobal with a win against against Abanca Ademar de León, making it 30 wins out of 30 games this season. It was a doubly emotional evening at the Palau Blaugrana as both Ludovic Fàbregas and Artur Parera played their final games for the Club. 

First half control

The game started off evenly with Abanca Ademar de León showing early resistance, but Barça gradually picked up the pace, Dika Mem and Luis Frade scoring well to open up +5 lead. Despite lulls in play when Abanca Ademar de León managed to come back into the game, the home side picked up the pace to go seven goals ahead with the Palau Blaugrana crowd fully plugged into the proceedings. 

More of the same after the restart

The +8 lead at the break was clear testament to the desire to win the game and with Nielsen superb in goal, the visitors had no chance to redress the balance. Fàbregas, Soler, Urdangarín, and Artur Parera were all having fine games and helped Barça to a resounding win by +14. The 30th win in 30 games in this perfect Liga Plenitude Asobal season. Final score, 43-30.

Next up, the FINAL4 in Europe in Cologne, but before thoughts turned to Germany, the evening concluded with tribute to the departing Ludovic Fàbregas and Artur Parera. 

Applause for Ludo and Artur

Barça's number 72 and 33 brought the evening to an emotional end. After receiving commemorative shirts from the director responsible for handball, Joan Solé, Ludovic Fàbregas tearfully expressed that "it was an honour to wear the Barça shirt and a big thanks to the Palau Blaugrana for their eternal support". Words of appreciation echoed by Artur Parera, who added that "he has had some very happy years here". 

Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas and Carlos Ortega also said a few words to thank the fans this season for the part they played in this wonderful Liga season.


Barça, 43
Abanca Ademar de León, 30

Barça: Pérez de Vargas (-), Carlsbogard (4), Dika Mem (6), Wanne (1), N'Guessan (-), Thiagus Petrus (-) and Aleix Gómez (4) - starting seven - Nielsen (-), Luis Frade (3), Cindric (1), Ludovic Fàbregas (3), Richardson (6), Valera (3), Martí Soler (3), Urdangarín (6) and Parera (3)
Abanca Ademar de Lleó: Barkhordari (-), Casqueiro (1), Milosavljevic (5), Juan Castro (4), David Fernández (2), Antonio Martínez (6) and Borges (5) - starting seven - Papantonopoulos (-), Tiago Sousa (2), Deividas Virbauskas (3), Darío Sanz (-), Marko Virbauskas (-), Miñambres (1), Samuel Sáiz (-) and Álvaro Zapico (1)

Partial scores: 3-3; 6-4; 12-7; 15-11; 17-13; 22-15 // 26-18; 29-20; 32-21; 34-24; 39-27; 43-30

Referees: Miquel Florenza and Jordi Ausás

Força Barça
Força Barça

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