RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko 27-28 Barça: Last gasp win

RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko 27-28 Barça: Last gasp win

Barça win in the eleventh hour to remain first in the group

A statement win in Europe. Barça win away at Celje (27-28) after a game mostly dominated by the home side, but an excellent period at the end of the game tipped the balance in the Catalans' favour. Dika Mem and Hampus Wanne both scored 5 goals in this last gasp win.

Slovenian efficiency

Celje started strongly and made life difficult for Barça, going 4-1 up after just 7 minutes. Barça were trailing despite not playing that badly, but managed to tie the game at 9-9 after 19 minutes. Towards the end of the half, a penalty goal by Richardson left Barça three down at the break (15-12).

Gradual comeback to win

More of the same from the Slovenians after half time, and the Catalans were struggling to stymie Celje's play. Despite this, Barça used numerical avantage to come within one goal (21-20, min. 43). The final 10 minutes saw major efforts from both sides, the Slovenians again going ahead, but Nielsen came in and prevented them from gaining a more significant advantage (25-23, min 53).

Two goals by Dika Mem helped Barça draw level with a minute to go (27-27) and then with 24 seconds left, Aleix Gómez scored after a turnover, yet there was still time for Nielsen to seal the win, stopping the home side's final effort, final score 27-28.


Celje, 27

Barça, 28

Celje: Mazej (3), Ivanovik(-), Zabic (2), Strmljan (5), Marguc (8), Mlkar (2) Gabersek (-) – starting seven – Vlah (4), Janc (1), Martinovic (1), Suholeznik (1), Kenz (-), Cokan (-), Antonijevic (-), Muhovic (-).

Barça: Pérez de Vargas (-), Mem (5), Aleix (3), N’guessan (2), Carlsbogard (-), Fabregas (2), Wanne (5)– starting seven – Nielsen(-) Richardson (4), Janc (2),Cindric (2), Makuc (2), Frade (1), Parera (-).

Partial scores: 2-1, 5-5, 8-6, 10-9, 12-10, 15-12 // 18-14, 21-18, 22-20, 25-22, 27-25, 27-28 (final)

Referees: Radojko Brikic, Andrei Jusufhodzic.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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