Barça 40-30 Elverum: Through to the quarterfinals!

Barça 40-30 Elverum: Through to the quarterfinals!

Barça win comfortably and avoid the Champions League round of 16

The first Champions League game at the Palau Blaugrana in two months saw Barça ease to victory against Elverum (40-30). Pol Valera made his European debut and both Luis Frade and Cindric had great games. The win takes Barça directly through to the quarterfinals and avoids a last 16 clash.

Good first half

The desire to win was apparent from the off, four goals by Hampus Wanne and three by Dika Mem made it 9-3 (min 12). Nielsen was having a great game in goal and would even go on to score. Fabregas led the Barça push (16-9, min 25) and the score was 19-12 at the break despite the visitor's best efforts.

Game closed out

Cindric took on the baton after the break, aided by Luis Frade, to make the score 26-16. This only spurred on Elverum, the Norwegian side stepping up to cut the lead to five (28-23, min 43). However, the Catalans reacted in turn and closed out the game to win 40-30 and book their place in the Champions League quarterfinal.

Game stats

Barça, 40
Elverum, 30

Barça: Emil Nielsen (1), Luís Frade (8), Ludovic Fàbregas (4), Jonathan Carlsbogard, Dika Mem (4), Aleix Gómez (2), Hampus Wanne (4) - starting seven -, Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (-), Luka Cindric (5), Melvyn Richardson (5), Domen Makuc (-), Pol Valera (-), Timothey N'Guessan (-), Blaz Janc (2), Martí Soler (-) and Artur Parera (1).

Elverum: Emil Kheri Imsgard (-), Enfre Langaas (3), Tobias Grondahl (4), Daniel Blomgren (5), Orri Thorkelsson (2), Christopher Hedberg (-), Benjamin Berg (-) -starting seven -, Simon Mizera (-), Patrick Anderson (5), Uros Borzas (1), Kasper Thorsen Lien (4), Sindre Heldal (5) and Niclas Fingren (1).

Partial scores: 2-2, 7-3, 10-7, 13-8, 16-9, 19-12 (half time), 23-16, 27-20, 29-24, 34-28, 36-30 i 40-30 (final score).

Referees: Maike Merz and Tanja Kuttler.

Attendance: 1,872 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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