Barça 37-34 Sporting Clube de Portugal: Great comeback and into the final!

Barça 37-34 Sporting Clube de Portugal: Great comeback and into the final!

Barça come back in the second half after trailing throughout the first to book a place in the Iberian Super Cup against Porto on Sunday

Into the Iberian Super Cup final! Barça won a very tough game 37-34 against Sporting Clube de Portugal after a second half comeback. Next up Porto in the big final on Sunday.

Trailing throughout the first half

The Portuguese began well, going up 2-5, which set the pattern for the rest of the first half - playing catch up. A combination of the defence being breached and former Barça man Leo Maciel performing well in the Sporting goal took the score to +5 (12-17) for Sporting. 16-20 at half time with all to play for.

Barça bounce back

An early 3-0 made the score closer and the game became a real ding-dong affair with neither side able to pull away. Gonzalo was having a fine game in goal and Fabregas and Wanne scored the goals to see Barça ahead for the first time after 45 minutes (27-26).

However, Sporting came back themselves to make it 29-30, before four Makuc goals in a row put Barça back in the driving seat. Again Gonzalo made some significant stops (including a penalty) to ensure a 2 goal lead with only two minutes to go.

Ultimately, Barça saw the game out to win 37-34, a tough test to the very end, but Carlos Ortega's men are through to the big final on Sunday.

Game stats

Barça, 37
Sporting Clube de Portugal, 34

Barça: Emil Nielsen (-), Thiagus Petrus (-), Fàbregas (7), Calsbogard (2), Dika Mem (6), Aleix Gómez (1), Martí Soler (1) - starting seven -, Pérez de Vargas (-), Cindric (2), Frade (2), Makuc (6), Richardson (-), Blaz Janc (4), Hampus Wanne (6).
Sporting Clube de Portugal
: Leo Maciel (1), Natan Suárez (-), Patryk Walczak (2), Martim Costa (8), Kiko Costa (7), Mamadou Gassama (1), Etienne Mocquais (3) - starting seven -, Espen Vag (3), Salvador Salvador (5), André José (-), Carlos Ruesga (-), Josep Folqués (-), Edney Silva (1). Francisco Tavares (3).

Partial scores: 3-5 / 6-9 / 9-12 / 12-14 / 14-18 / 16-20 (half time) 20-22 / 24-25 / 27-27 / 31-31 / 33-32 / 37-34 (full time)

: Duarte Santos and Ricardo Fonseca

Força Barça
Força Barça

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