Abanca Ademar León 30-42 Barça: Win to round off the year in the Liga ASOBAL

Abanca Ademar León 30-42 Barça: Win to round off the year in the Liga ASOBAL

First half of the domestic league ends with a win at the Palacio Municipal de los Deportes in León

Barça rounded off 2022 with a 30-42 win away to Abanca Ademar León in the Liga Plenitude ASOBAL. Founded on a solid defence, plus a strong attack in the second half, the victory sets Barça up for a difficult week ahead with HCB Nantes in the Champions League and Sporting de Portugal in the semi-finals of the first edition of the Iberian Super Cup on the horizon.

Home side strike first

Abanca Ademar León started well, going 2-0 up and despite Barça fighting hard to stem the tide, they managed to carve out a 9-5 lead, their biggest in their game.

However, Carlos Ortega called a time out and the momentum shifted, with Abanca Ademar León's attack shut out by an improved defence. A 0-4 partial score levelled the game at 9-9, min. 16. Hampus Wanne and Blaz Janc the difference-makers.  Goalkeeper Nielsen underpinned the resurgence through his defensive solidity, enabling the visitors to start to open a gap. Score 15-18 at halftime.

Attack steps up and Nielsen scores his first Barça goal

The second half saw FC Barcelona go through the gears in attack.  The home side were reduced to spectators, and even Emil Nielsen grabbed his first goal for Barça. Dika Mem and Domen Makuc notably stepped up to ensure the 30-42 victory - the fifth time Barça have scored more than 40 goals in a Liga Plenitude Asobal match this season. 

So, after this win to the round off the year when the Liga Plenitude ASOBAL reaches its halfway point, Barça remain on top and unbeaten. 


Abanca Ademar León, 30
Barça, 42

Abanca Ademar León: Adrián Rabano (-), Barkhordari (-), Adrián Casqueiro (-), Milosavljevic (1), Juan Castro (4), Guilherme Borges (1) and David Fernández (4) - starting seven - Barkhordari (-), Darío Sanz (2), Zanas Gabrielius (3), Theodoros Boskos (7), Antonio Martínez (5), Kim Jin Young (1), Filipe Mota (2) 
Barça: Pérez de Vargas (), Wanne (6), Langaro (-), Dika Mem (7), Carlsbogard (4), Ludovic Fàbregas (1) and Cindric (5) - starting seven - Nielsen (1), Janc (3), N'Guessan (2), Thiagus Petrus (-), Makuc (7), Richardson (3), Frade (3), Artur Parera (-)

Partial scores: 2-2; 6-4; 9-7; 13-11; 13-14; 15-18 // 18-23; 21-27; 24-31; 25-34; 28-38; 30-42

Referees: Jesús Escudero Santiuste and Jorge Escudero Santiuste

📷 Manu Quiroga 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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