Víctor Tomàs, eternal passion

Víctor Tomàs, eternal passion

Legendary captain's number 8 shirt gets hung up for eternity in the Palau Blaugrana

Víctor Tomàs is a living legend at FC Barcelona, and on Wednesday he was given full honours at the Palau Blaugrana.


A start of the handball team from 1998 to 2020, he was given a huge ovation this evening as his number 8 shirt was officially retired and hung on the pavilion ceiling. Due to a heart issue, he was forced to give up the game ahead of his time, which happened just before the pandemic, meaning he never got to say a proper goodbye.


But tonight their were videos and a sound and light show, with a commentary by his own children, Luka and Mia, to welcome the man of the moment into the arena where his extraordinary passion and leadership will forever be cherished. He entered the first team in 2002/03, having been in the academy since 1998, and was captain for eight consecutive seasons.


He came to a guard of honour formed by the current squad and some of his former team-mates, such as Saric, Juanin García, Noddesbo, Salva Puig and Nagy.

Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas and Dika Mem of the current team presented him with a painting and a captain's armband, before Tomás posed for a photo with the amazing 69 titles that he was in his time at the club.


“The circumstances of my retirement were what they were" he said with tears flowing down his cheeks. "But I wanted to retire wearing the Barça jersey."

His children, wife and parents then came on to join him for the countdown from 8 to 1 before his shirt was hoisted into place, a place reserved for himself and 13 other club legends. There is no greater honour for a Barça player. This is something reserved only for the very best.

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“This armband was always a great responsibility" he continued. "I always tried to honour it as it deserves. I shall always wear it on my heart."

We are sure you will, Victor. The club salutes you. The fans salute you. Thank you for everything.


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