Benidorm 24-35 Barça: Victory to maintain the winning run

Benidorm 24-35 Barça: Victory to maintain the winning run

Barça win their ninth game in a row in the domestic championship

Another win for the Barça handball team in the Liga Asobal. The Catalans defeated  Benidorm (24-35), making it now in nine wins in nine games while remaining outright leaders after being the first to win at Benidorm this season.

Dominant start

Barça clearly wanted to win at the Palau d'Esports l'Illa in Benidorm, scoring first and remaining ahead in the game, although it took them until seven minutes in to establish more than a two goal lead (3-7). Aleix and Frade were proving most effective, the latter scoring five goals in the first half.

The four goal lead remained intact until half time thanks to a great defence, as the home side played with practically seven attackers the entire time. Half time score, 12-16.

Game closed out

The home side fared better after the break, reducing the lead to two goals (16-18). Then Nilsen - who saved four penalties in the game - came to the fore, stemming the home side's push. Barça then stepped up the intensity, establishing a six goal lead (18-24) with Nilsen himself getting on the scoresheet.

The advantage was big enough to ensure the win, ultimately by 11 goals (24-35), and the winning run continues as Barça remain outright leaders.

Game stats

Benidorm, 24
Barça, 35

Benidorm: Roberto Rodríguez (-), Ramiro Martínez (2), Ivan Rodríguez (5), Lignires (4), Barceló (3), Nikcevic (-), Soljic (1), Iker Serrano (2) - starting seven - Marc Pérez (-), Bernatonis (-), Juan Carlos Sempere (3), Eduardo Calle (1), Adrian Sánchez (1), Daniel Lara (2), Samuel Ibañez (-).

Barça: Nilsen (1), Aleix (4), Dika Mem (1), N'Guessan (2), Carlsbogard (2), Frade (7), Aitor Ariño (3), - starting seven - Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (-), Hampus Wanne (2), Petrus (-), Cindirc (-), Artur Parera (5), Domen Makuc (3), Langaro (2), Richardson (2), Urdangarín (1).

Partial scores: 3-3, 3-7, 5-10, 7-12, 8-13, 12-16 (half time), 16-18, 18-21, 19-24, 20-26, 22-29, 24-35 (full time).

Referees: Jesús Escudero and Jorge Escudero.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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