Barça 50-18 Club Ministros: Resounding opening win

Barça 50-18 Club Ministros: Resounding opening win

Barça rout the Mexican side in the first game of the IHF Men's Super Globe tournament

First game and first win in the IHF Men's Super Globe tournament. Barça were clearly better than Mexican side Club Ministros, controlling the game to win 50-18 and as such, making a good start to the tournament in Saudi Arabia in the hunt for their 6th Super Globe trophy.

Attack from the off

Barça were on the attack straightaway and were up 13-6 after 15 minutes. The lead was further extended to leave the half time score 26-10 and the game virtually in the bag. Pablo Urdangarin scored eight of his twelve goals in the game in the first half and Roberto Domènech had a good debut in goal.

Record goalscoring

The second half saw no let up, with the goals continuing to come, final score 50-18 - the highest ever goal tally by Barça in the Super Globe tournament, surpassing the 42 goals against ES Tunis in the quarter finals of the 2017/18 edition.

It also represents a record number of goals scored by Barça in a competitive game abroad, surpassing the 48 scored against HC Port Burgas (Bulgaria) in the round of 16 in the 99/00 European Cup finals. Ultimately it is only one short of the all-time highest 51 goals scored against Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto (match day 21, season) in the domestic league.

So, a comfortable win in the Dammam Sports Hall to get the campaign off to a good start. Next match against ES Tunis on Thursday at 1.30pm local time.

Game stats

Barça, 50
Club Ministros, 18

Barça: Roberto Doménech (-), Thiagus Petrus (-), Carlsbogard (2), Parera (3), Richardson (6), Pablo Urdangarin (12), Ariño (5) - starting seven -, Makuc (9), Luís Frade (1), Dika Mem, (-) Ludovic Fàbregas (3), N'Guessan (-), Aleix Gómez (3), Langaro (1), Hampus Wanne (5).
Club Ministros: Eric Rogelio Trejo (-), Sergio Sánchez (4), Luis Ávalos (3), José Juan García (2), Arath Alejandro Hernández (-), Jesús Rivera (-), Bryan Jesús Muñoz (1) - starting seven -, Leonel Gloria (-), Bruno Machado (1), Daniel Martínez (2), Irving Mancilla (1), Noé Abraham Treviño (-), Francisco Muñiz (1), Caleb Bustos (2), Octavio Acevedo (-), Yael Felipe Urbina (1).

Partial scores: 5-3 / 10-5 / 13-6 / 16-8 / 21-8 / 26-10 (halftime) 31-11 / 33-11 / 38-13 / 43-15 / 45-17 / 50-18 (final score)

: Hamidi Sid Ali and Lopez Grillo Juan

: courtesy of IHF - Super Globe


Força Barça
Força Barça

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