Barça 38-29 Torrelavega: El Palau remains unassailable

Barça 38-29 Torrelavega: El Palau remains unassailable

Barça dominated and won their second game in a row in the ASOBAL 2022/23

A new season, a new ASOBAL unbeaten run starts in the Palau Blaugrana. Barça won against Torrelavega (38-29), the second home win in two games.

Even start before Barça open up a lead

Both sides were up for the game in the Palau Blaugrana, making for an even, energetic start. Barça pushed but came up against Carlos Calle and the woodwork. The away side were more effective, taking a lead of 4-6 for the only time in the match.

The home defence managed to shut out the opponents for a 5-0 partial score (min. 21), opening up a 9-5 lead. Barça's pressure was evident, gradually extending the lead to 12-6, before they opened up a ten goal lead. Nine of the 10 Barça players used in the first half scored, particularly Makuc with four goals before the break. 22-14 the half time score. 

Lead cut but final push to get the win

The lead was cut to +5, despite Barça never really feeling threatened. Even after a timeout, the visitors gave it their all to get to -4. Barça held their nerve, though, moving up a gear, with Wanne standing out to seal the second ASOBAL 2022/23 win in the Palau Blaugrana - still unassailable. 


Barça, 38
Torrelavega, 29

Barça: Nielsen (-), Makuc (5), Janc (6), Fabregas (1), Richardson (3), Ariño (1) y Langaro (5) - starters - Pérez de Vargas (), Petrus (1), Frade (2), Mem (2), Carlsbogard (3), Wanne (8), Urdangarín (1), Parera (-)
Torrelavega: Carlos Calle (-), Czaplinski (6), Martí Villòria (3), Daniel Serrano (2), Daniel Ramos (7), Dos Santos (1) y Colunga (1) - starters - Mijuskovic (-), Casanova (-), Isidoro Martínez (-), Adrián Fernández (2), Alonso Moreno (3), Borja Lombilla (2), Jorge Prieto (1) and Facundo Nicolas (1)

Partial scores: 4-4; 9-5; 11-6; 15-9; 20-10; 22-14 // 25-16; 29-19; 30-23; 33-27; 35-29; 38-29

Referees: Alberto Macías de Paz and Ernesto Ruiz Vergara

Força Barça
Força Barça

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