Barça 30-26 Granollers: Copa del Rey winners

Barça 30-26 Granollers: Copa del Rey winners

A great second half makes up for the first to win the Copa del Rey again

Barça have won the Copa del Rey again. The final at the Fernando Argüelles sports centre saw Granollers in the lead at the break after a great first half and poor finishing from the visitors, but Barça held their nerve to come back and lift their ninth consecutive Copa del Rey.

Forgettable first half

Barça were looking to repeat the comfortable win against Granollers in the Minicopa final, but it soon looked like it wasn't going to be so straightforward this time. N'Guessan did his best to hold things together at first but Barça were clearly rattled during the first period. Unable to attack effectively, Granollers fed off Barça's mistakes and uneasiness to take control of the final.

Quick transitions, a very effective attack, and Rangel Luan looming large in goal, saw Granollers grow into the game more and more, with the 11-15 score at the break looking dangerous. A second half comeback was needed.

Second half comeback

With Club president Joan Laporta watching on, Barça came out with renewed impetus, Thiagus Petrus and Ali Zein providing the defensive foundation for the comeback during the early part of the second half.

An 11-2 partial score saw a tired Granollers fall behind and despite their best efforts, Barça went on to win their latest trophy - their third of the season after also winning the two Super Cups.

N'Guessan received the MVP award in a game that saw Barça weather the storm before striking back. This latest trophy sees Barça extend their monopoly in this competition with their ninth consecutive Copa del Rey.

Game stats

Barça, 30

Fraikin Granollers, 26

Barça: Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas (p.), Thiagus Petrus (2), Ludovic Fàbregas, Dika Mem (2), Timothey N'Guessan (8), Aleix Gómez (7), Ángel Fernández (2) - starters -, Luka Cindric (4), Blaz Janc, Haniel Langaro (1), Yussef Benali (2), Domen Makuc, Ali Zein and Melvyn Richardson.

Fraikin Granollers: Rangel Luan (p.). Pol Valera (7, 1p.), Esteban Salinas (6), Antonio García (4), Chema Márquez (8), Sergi Franco, Adrià Martínez (1) - starters -, Oriol Rey, Joan Amigó, Jan Gurri and Edgar Pérez.

Referees: Andreu Marin, Ignacio García.

Partial scores: 1-2, 3-4, 7-7, 9-10, 10-12, 11-15 (half-time), 15-17, 17-18, 21-18, 23-19, 26-23, 30-26 (final).


Força Barça
Força Barça

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