Fertiberia Port Sagunt 24-39 Barça: Yet another victory

Fertiberia Port Sagunt 24-39 Barça: Yet another victory

Xavi Pascual's side earned another ASOBAL League win at the Municipal Pavilion Internúcleos

A 24th win in 24 ASOBAL League games wasn't as easy as it sounds because the Catalans had to overcome an awkward start. In fact, it took until 4 minutes and 31 seconds had elapsed before Dika Mem got Xavi Pascual's side off the mark.

However, once the visitors had got into their stride, they built the first advantage of the game. Pérez de Vargas' excellence in goal meant that Barça were able to build a 12-22 lead in the first half.


Barça were solid at the back throughout the second half, and it allowed their attacking players to help ease them home 24-39. The next challenge comes on Friday 9 April, at 6.30pm CEST, when the team travel to the BM Benidorm track. 


Fertiberia Port Sagunt, 24
Barça, 39

Fertiberia Port Sagunt: Daniel Martínez (-), Querín (3), Gil (1), Bergantiño (1), Cruz (2), Óscar García (4) and Pozzer (3) -starters- Pau Guitart (), Miralles (3), Aizen (3), Matias (-), Mirallave (2) and Alegre (2) 
Barça: Pérez de Vargas (-), Janc (1), N'Guessan (4), Thiagus Petrus (-), Dika Mem (4), Alex Pascual (5) and Frade (1) -starters- Möller (-), Fabregas (5), Pálmarsson (1), Cindric (4), Aleix Gómez (2), Entrerríos (3), Diocou (5), Makuc (2) and Langaro (2)

Breakdown: 1-1; 6-7; 9-11; 10-15; 11-18; 12-22 // 16-27; 18-30; 19-31; 20-34; 22-36

Officials: Sebastián Fernández and Alberto Murillo

Foto: Pepa Conesa

Força Barça
Força Barça

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