DS Blendio Sinfín 19-32 Barça Lassa: A win at a difficult venue

DS Blendio Sinfín 19-32 Barça Lassa: A win at a difficult venue

The leaders produced an excellent performance and won against the Cantabrian side in a tough match

Xavi Pascual's side continue to dominate the Asobal League after beating DS Blendio Sinfín (19-32), in what was a tough and uncompromising match at La Albericia. 

Pressure from the start

From the initial whistle, both teams came out in search of victory, and an initial partial of 1-5 set the tone for Barça Lassa. The locals tried to react, but the distance was already insurmountable. It increased, little by little, until reaching 9-16 by the end of the first half, leaving the game very tight for the second period.

A similar dynamic continued, with the players increasing the advantage. Ilic fought hard in attack, whilst Möller was very safe between the posts. With a double, N'Guessan reached 200 goals in the Asobal League, and by the end of the match the margin of victory was 13 goals (19-32). That's no mean feat at a track where very few visiting teams have managed to win this season. 

Match Details

DS Blendio Sinfín, 19
Barça Lassa, 32

DS Blendio Sinfín: Samuel Ibáñez (-), Diego Muñiz (1), Javier Valverde (-), Nikolai Herrero (-), Alberto Pla (-), Carlos Lastra (-) and Ángel Iglesias (-) - starters. Ander Torriko (4), Cristian Postigo (1), Jorge Villamarín (-), Héctor Solá (-), Ángel Basualdo (-), Jorge Silva (6), José M. Lon (3) and Nacho Valles (3).
Barça Lassa: Möller (-), Víctor Tomás (6), Andersson (1), Dika Mem (2), Gilberto Duarte (-), Ilic (5) and Ludovic Fabregas (2) - starters. Raúl Entrerríos (2), Sorhaindo (-), Aitor Ariño (5), N'Guessan (2), Aleix Gómez (5), Syprzak (1), Thiagus Petrus (-) and Dolenec (-).
Officials: Merino Mori and Moyano Prieto
Partials: 1-3 / 3-7 / 6-10 / 7-12 / 8-13 / 9-16 (break) 10-18 / 12-20 / 15-25 / 18-27 / 19-31 / 19-32

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