Bidasoa Irún 17 - 21 Barça Lassa: Victory in a low scoring encounter

Bidasoa Irún 17 - 21 Barça Lassa: Victory in a low scoring encounter

The blaugranes pick up another win in a game with few goals

Key win for Barça Lassa against second placed Bidasoa Irún by 21-17 away from home in a game notable for its lack of goals. At half time the score stood at just 9-9 and the in the second the low scoring continued with Xavi Pascual's team doing enough to take the win. 

The game contained few goals thanks to excellent performances from both keepers; Bidasdoa's Ledo and Barça's Kevin Möller. Of the few time the ball went into the net, Dika Mem was noteworthy for scoring three in the first 30 minutes. The home side were briefly ahead before Barça leveled things up before the break. 

In the second half Barça stretched themselves and went ahead by 17-13 and four quick goals towards the end of the game allowed them to take a 21-17 victory. 


Match stats :

Bidasoa Irún, 17
Barça Lassa, 21

Bidasoa Irún: Xoan Manel Leo (-), Mikel Zabala (3), Iker Serrano (1), Rodrigo Salinas (-), Thomas Tesoriere (-), Sergio De la Salud (3) and Rudy Seri (1) –starting seven-, Iñaki Cavero (1), Kauli Odriozola (-), Esteban Joaquin Salinas (2), Paco Barthe (-), Leo Renaud-David (1) and Jon Azkue (5).

Barça Lassa: Kevin Möller (-), Aleix Gómez (4), Thiagus Petrus (1), Dika Mem (5), Nemanja Ilic (1), Aron Pálmarsson (2) y Ludovic Fabregas (1) –starting seven-, Victori Tomás (-), Raul Entrerrios (1), Lasse Andersson (-), Aitor Ariño, Timothey N’Guessan, Kamil Syprzak, Jure Dolenec and Gilberto Duarte.  

Força Barça
Força Barça
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