Valdepeñas 4-2 Barça: Loss on Liga return

Valdepeñas 4-2 Barça: Loss on Liga return

The first game in almost a month after the Copa América de Futsal sees the blaugranes and a returning Sergio Lozano unable to leave Valdepeñas with victory

The domestic league is back in full swing after the Copa América de Futsal and the first fixture saw Valdepeñas run out 4-2 winners against Barça. Captain Sergio Lozano's return after 10 months was a real positive and other results softened the blow for the blaugranes, who remain five points clear at the top of the table.


Valdepeñas in control

Copa América winning pair Dyego and Pito were missed as Barça found the game tough-going and Valdepeñas well positioned. A superb Pol Pacheco goal clipped over Miquel Feixas after combining with Alberto García (1-0, min 7) helped solidify their approach.

The score remained the same at the break, with the best being half chances for Touré, stopped by Álex González in the Valdepeñas goal (min 15), and Eric Martel, thwarted by Dídac Plana (min 18) - also returning from injury.

Just 17 seconds after the restart the situation took a turn for the worse, Eric Martel making the most of a mix-up (2-0, min 21). Barça struck back quickly through Matheus (2-1, min 21), but Abbasi (3-1, min 26) and a second from Martel ultimately proved enough to win the game (4-1, min 31).

A late Nano own goal from a Coelho shot cut into the lead (4-2, min 38) but despite further attempts, Barça couldn't make further inroads and Valdepeñas ran out winners.

Back to the Palau Blaugrana next for Barça as they host Noia Portus Apostoli on Saturday 17 February (4.15pm CET) and culers can join Lozano on his return to home action!



Valdepeñas: Álex González, Boyis, Bynho, Eloy Rojas, Martel - starting five - Pol Pacheco, Nano, Solano, Abbasi, Alberto García, Fernando, Alberto, Luis Salido. 

Barça: Miquel Feixas, André Coelho, Erick, Sergio González, Touré - starting five - Dídac (sg), Sergio Lozano, Adolfo, Tapias, Matheus, Antonio, Pol Cano. 

Goles: 1-0, Pacheco (min 7). 2-0, Martel (min 21). 2-1, Matheus (min 22). 3-1, Abbasi (min 25). 4-1, Martel (min 31). 4-2, Nano, en pròpia (min 38).  

Referees: Mayo López, Panadero Díaz-Concha. Yellow cards to Fernando from Valdepeñas, and to Adolfo and Sergio González from Barça. 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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