Valdepeñas 2-6 Barça: Big win on the road

Valdepeñas 2-6 Barça: Big win on the road

Barça come back from a goal down to win and maintain their lead at the top

The aim was to bounce back after defeat at home to ElPozo, and that's just what Barça did, beating Valdepeñas 2-6. The home side took the lead. but the visitors quickly turned it around, goals by Matheus (2), Adolfo, Pito, Lozano and Catela  ensuring the six point lead at the top of the table remains intact.


Home side start strongly but Barça react

Valdepeñas started strongly, Dídac on his toes to stop the first real attempt. Barça gradually began to impose their style, looking for weak points to attack, but the side from Ciudad Real read the script, Abbasi scoring at the second attempt after a well-worked play (1-0, min. 10).

The goal inspired Barça to step up the pace, scoring three goals in three minutes through Matheus with a left foot shot, Adolfo into an open goal, and Pito with a deflected shot. Halftime score 1-3.

Win confirmed in the second half

The goals continued after the break, Lozano making it 1-4 just 45 seconds in, but Rafael Rato got one back for 2-4. The game was frantic now, but it took an indirect free kick for Catela to score the next goal into the top corner for 2-5 (min.27). Matheus then got his brace his performance deserved (2-6, min.29) and the win was confirmed. Final score 2-6.

Game stats

Valdepeñas, 2
Barça, 6

Valdepeñas: Óscar de la Faya, Boyis, Rafa Rato, Pol Pacheco, Abbasi – starting five - Ivi, Lolo, Claudino, Solano, Nano, Lemine, Bateria.

Barça: Dídac, Antonio, Sergio G., Catela, Adolfo - starting five – Lozano, Coelho, Ortiz, Pito, Matheus, Marcenio

Goals: 1-0, Abbasi (min. 9); 1-1, Matheus (min.18); 1-2, Adolfo (min.18), 1-3, Pito (min. 20); 1-4, Lozano (min. 21); 2-4, Rafael Rato (min. 21); 2-5, Catela (min. 27); 2-6. Matheus (min. 30).

Referees: Mayo López and Panadero Díaz. Yellow cards for Rafael Rato, Claudino, Boyis, Oscar de la Faya and Solano from Valdepeñas, and for Sergio Lozano, Marcenio, Coelho and Adolfo from Barça.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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