Anderlecht 5-5 Barça: Draw and down to the final game

Anderlecht 5-5 Barça: Draw and down to the final game

Barça see the Belgian side come back from three goals down to take qualification for the Final Four to the last day

A difficult draw to swallow. Barça drew 5-5 with Anderlecht after being ahead for most of the game, and 2-5 up with 10 minutes to go. To reach the Final Four, Barça will have to beat Pula and hope their goal difference is better than Anderlecht after the final matchday.

Good period for Barça

Anderlecht scored first through Fits after just three minutes, but Barça hit back well, Pito and Matheu combining for Matheus to score (min 4). This marked the start of a good period, Dídac then assisting Pito to score. Two goals in 20 seconds. The Belgian side scored again to tie the game soon after through a Diogo shot, but after a brief respite in the game, the goals flowed for Barça once again. Another two minute period saw Ferrao finish a superb assist from Dyego, before Marcenio scored the fourth, 2-4 at halftime.

Comeback from Anderlecht

Adolfo scored Barça's fifth after the break (min 31), but with just over nine minutes left, Anderlecht used a fly goalkeeper and luckily scored from their first effort (3-5, min 34). The minutes ticked by and Barça couldn't find another goal, while the Belgian side looked dangerous. Rescia scored to make it 4-5 before Anderlecht got the draw with just 46 seconds left on the clock (5-5), meaning Barça need to win against Pula and hope their goal difference surpasses Anderlecht after the final matchday.

Game stats:

Anderlecht, 5
Barça, 5

Anderlecht: Roncaglio, Jelovcic, Diogo, Grello, Fits - starting five -, Cristiano, Bex, Meyers, De Kerf, Tomic, Rescia, Roninho and Dillien. 

Barça: Dídac, Ortiz, Matheus, Lozano, Ferrao - starting five -, Coelho, Antonio, Dyego, Adolfo, Pito, Catela, Sergio and Marcenio.

Goals: 1-0, Fits (min 3); 1-1, Matheus (min 4); Pito (min 4); 2-2, Diogo (min 5); 2-3, Ferrao (min 13); 2-4, Marcenio (min 14); 2-5, Adolfo (min 31); 3-5, Gréllo (min 34); 4-5, Rescia (min 38); 5-5, Fits (min 40). 

Referees: Petar Radojcic and Grigori Ošomkov. Yellow cards for Anderlecht players Roncaglio, Fits and Ronino, and Dyego from Barça. 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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