Barça 6-2 Galati: Off to a good start

Barça 6-2 Galati: Off to a good start

First win in this Champions League Elite Round, with a hat-trick by Matheus and goals from Ortiz, Marcenio and Adolfo

First game in the Elite Round and a first win. The Barça futsal team won against United Galati, getting off to a good start in this decisive round in the Champions League. A match that helps raise the spirits given the crucial match on Thursday against Anderlecht. A match that also featured a hat-trick by Matheus in just over four minutes from kick off. Carlos Ortiz, Marcenio and Adolfo rounded out the scoring.

Quick-fire hat-trick by Matheus

People had hardly sat down when the score was already 3-1 with just 4 minutes 6 seconds on the clock, Matheus Rodrigues scored a very fast hat-trick, combining with Adolfo for 1-0, before Burdujel made it 1-1. His second was a rebound and the third came after a back heel from Pito.

Barça were unruffled and very effective, making the most of their superiority. Dídac and Miquel Feixas rotated in goal, while Jesús Velasco used his resources well (Lozano did not play).

Carlos Ortiz (4-1, min 14) and Marcenio (5-1, min 16) added to the scoreline before the break. A big lead that Barça managed well after the restart, despite Crisan getting one back with nine minutes to go (5-2, min 31). Adolfo put the game to bed with a long shot to make it 6-2, final score.

A good start to the Elite Round before the second clash on Thursday against Anderlecht, also at 5.30pm local time in the same venue.


Barça, 6

United Galati, 2

Barça: Feixas, Ortiz, Matheus, Adolfo, Pito - starting five - Dídac Plana (sg), André Coelho, Antonio, Dyego, Ferrao, Catela, Sergio González, Marcenio.  

Galati: Tonita, Burdujel, Craciun, Daniel Araujo, Cardenas - starting five - Cardei (sg), Arhire, Dudau, Cires, Crisan, Ignat, Oana, Petica, Matei. 

Goals: 1-0, Matheus (min 2). 1-1, Burdujel (min 3), 2-1, Matheus (min 3) 3-1, Matheus (min 4). 4-1, Ortiz (min 14). 5-1, Marcenio (min 16). 5-2, Crisan (min 31). 6-2, Adolfo (min 35). 

Referees: Grigori Ošomkov, Petar Radojcic, Marc Birkett.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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