FC Barcelona 4-2 Palma: Winning start to final series

FC Barcelona 4-2 Palma: Winning start to final series

Two from Dyego, and one each from Adolfo and Ferrao get things off to the right start in game one at the Palau Blaugrana

On Tuesday at the Palau Blaugrana, Barça’s futsal team beat Palma 4-2 to claim game one of the league title series. But it was also very evident from today’s challenging encounter that getting their hands on the trophy is not going to be an easy task.


With a brace from Dyego and one each from Adolfo and Ferrao, and especially in the second half, when Barça improved a lot in defence and were more intense in attack, they eventually got the first part of the job done. But there is a lot more work still to be done.

Higor quickly neutralised Barça’s early lead, but spurred on by 3,452 spectators, the home side were back in charge before the interval, only for the Balearic Islanders to conjure up another equaliser straight after the restart.

The Palau truly got behind the team as the minutes ticked by, and the blaugrana were well worth another lead when it finally came from a rehearsed move finished by Adolfo.

Good defence meant they finally held onto this lead, and make doubly sure of the win with the goal of the day, a corker from the league’s top scorer Ferrao, his 30th of the season.

On Saturday, the story continues, but this time at Son Moix. Barça will have their first match point…


Barça, 4

Palma Futsal, 2

Barça: Dídac, André Coelho, Dyego, Adolfo, Pito, Carlos Ortiz, Ferrao, Esquerdinha, Matheus, Lozano, Marcenio.

Palma: Fabio, Eloy Rojas, Higor, Tomaz, D. Nunes, Marlon, Chaguinha, Cainan, Mancuso, Neguinho, Gordillo.

Goals: 1-0, Dyego (min 4). 1-1, Higor (min 9). 2-1, Dyego (min 16). 2-2, Nunes (min 21). 3-2, Adolfo (min 27). 4-2, Ferrao (min 34). 


Força Barça
Força Barça

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