Real Betis 3-6 Barça: Convincing win in Seville

Real Betis 3-6 Barça: Convincing win in Seville

Early goals ensure the away win

Barça's futsal team went to Seville and ran out 3-6 winners. Three more important points to remain leaders with another matchday concluded. Four goals in the first half ensured the away side remained in control throughout. Captain Sergio Lozano scored two goals and starred in a great team performance.


Quick off the mark 

It only took Barça 13 seconds to score their first goal at Centro Deportivo Amate, Esquerdinha receiving a great pass from Coelho to make it 0-1. It wasn't long before captain Sergio Lozano finished a daring play from keeper Dídac Plana, hammering a shot past Cidao to make it 0-2. Betis responded, however, Jackson reducing the deficit after a quick counter-attack (1-2).

Despite the home side's commitment and willing running, they were unable to change the flow of the game, but after a few wise words from coach Jesús Velasco, Sergio Lozano and Carlos Ortiz both scored to make it 1-4, exploiting Betis' frailties at the far post.

Second half control

Having done all the hard work in the first half, Barça put on a completely different show in the second, showing more restraint and maintaining possession for spells of up to two to three minutes at times, with Adolfo going on to finish precisely one of these long periods of possession to make it 1-5.

The final minutes were more frantic, with both sides exchanging goals - a dubious free kick for the home side, before Pito made it 2-6 a minute later. Betis had the final say with superb volley by Lin, but it was too little too late, final score: 3-6.

Game stats

Real Betis, 3
Barça, 6

Real Betis: Cidao, Buendia, Joselito, Lin, Pérez – starters – Cleber, Dalcanal, Jackson, García, Jímenez.

Barça: Dídac Planas, Adolfo, Coelho, Dyego, Esquerdinha – starters – Sergio Lozano, Marcenio, Ortas, Ortiz, Povill.

Goals: 0-1, Esquerdinha (min. 1); 0-2, Lozano (min. 7); 1-2, Jacskon (min. 8); 1-3, Ortiz (min. 11); 1-4, Lozano (min. 18); 1-5, Adolfo (min. 29); 2-5, Buendia (min. 35); 2-6, Pito (min. 36); 3-6, Lin (min. 40).

Referees: Carlos Rodrigo and Fermín Sánchez-Molina. Yellow cards for Cleber, Pérez and Cidao from Betis, and Lozano and Dyego from Barça.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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