Barça 6-4 Palma Futsal: More than a victory!

Barça 6-4 Palma Futsal: More than a victory!

Barça futsal have qualified for the play-off final

The game started with opportunities for both teams, and Dídac responding well to the danger posed by the visitors. However, he could do nothing about Marlon putting Palma Futsal ahead with a fine volley after a corner (0-1, min 4).

Barça tried to react, and the match saw more chances for either side go begging. With the hosts in the ascendency, it was therefore a surprise when Palma Futsal went further ahead in the 18th minute through Campos (0-2).


The second half began with Barça very focused, and that superiority soon translated into Barça’s first goal from Dyego. With the game now open and the Catalans dominant, Ferrao headed home a second (2-2, min 30).

Just two minutes later, Adolfo completed the  turnaround 3-2 (min 32), before Ferrao widened the gap (4-2, 34 minutes).

Extra time

The visitors didn't give up and proved it by scoring two more goals in just 2 minutes. First Higor made it 4-3 and with 1:20 left until the end of normal time, Raúl Campos made it 4-4, taking the game to extra time.

The first half of extra time ended goalless, but Barça managed to get ahead again in the 45th minute. Daniel, from a foul, made it 5-4, with Didac ending the game as a contest and sending Barça into the play-off final.

Match Details:

Barça, 6
Palma Futsal, 4

Barça: Dídac, Marcenio, Adolfo, Aicardo and Ferrao –starters-, Coelho, Daniel, Ximbinha, Esquerdinha, Matheus, Joselito, Povill and Miquel Feixas.

Palma Futsal: Barrón, Lolo, Raúl Campos, Marlon and Vilela –startersl-, Rafa López, Hamza, Fabio, Higor, D Nunes, Cléber and A. Claudino. 

Goals: 0-1, Marlon (min 4); 0-2, Campos (min 18); 1-2, Dyego (min 22); 2-2, Ferrao (min 30); 2-3, Adolfo (min 32); 2-4, Ferrao (min 34); 3-4, min Higor (min 37); 4-4, Raúl Campos (min 39); 5-4, Daniel (min 45); 6-4, Dídac (min 46).

Officials: Carrillo Arroyo and Cordero Gallardo. Yellow cards for Coelho, Povill, Claudino, Lolo and Rafa López. 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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