Barça 2-5 Movistar Inter: Tough defeat

Barça 2-5 Movistar Inter: Tough defeat

Barça lost in the first game of the league's quarter-final series

Injuries to Dyego and Esquerdinha, and a first-minute goal from Cecilio only served to fire up Barça in a noisy Palau Blaugrana. Adolfo soon made it 1-1 and he was on target again on 14 minutes after Eric Martel had given Inter the lead for the second time. 


Throughout the second half, both sides were the equal of each other, but a lack of quality and the effectiveness of both goalkeepers kept the scores level.

That was until a couple of minutes from the end. Pito, Cecilio and Pola all scored within the space of two minutes to ensure Inter took the victory (2-5).

It means that FC Barcelona will have to travel to the city of Madrid on Sunday 6 June to try to reverse the series. There is still hope.


Barça, 2
Inter, 5

Barça: Dídac, Marcenio, Daniel, Esquerdinha and Ferrao -strarters- Coelho, Adolfo, Ximbinha, Aicardo, Marcenio, Joselito and Matheus
Inter: Herrero, Boyis, Eric Martel, Cecilio and Dani Saldise -starters- Pola, Pito, Raya, Borja and Fer Drasler

Goals: 0-1, Cecilio (min. 1); 1-1, Adolfo (min. 6); 1-2, Eric Martel (min. 10); 2-2, Adolfo (min. 14); 2-3, Pito (min. 38); 2-4, Cecilio (min. 39); 2-5, Pola (min. 40)

Officials: Óscar Alonso and Tomás Santander. Yellow cards for Ferrao, Dídac, Marcenio, Ximbinha and Boyis.

Força Barça
Força Barça

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