Levante 3-6 Barça: Into the final!

Levante 3-6 Barça: Into the final!

Barça's great second-half reaction helped them to earn a place in the Spanish Cup final

This match didn't start in the best way for the Catalans, and after just over two minutes of play, Levante took the lead through Marcenio. Almost immediately Ferrao tried to equalise, but his shot was deflected.

Ximbinha, Daniel, Marcenio, Dyego and Adolfo all went close, with André Coelho hitting the post in the last second of the first half, thus ensuring that the scores remained the same at break.


Ximbinha soon levelled the tie after the break (1-1, minute 22), but the joy didn't last long. Gallo's second, three minutes later, turned the tie Levante's way, before Ferrao then hit the crossbar. André Coelho scored in the corner to make it 2-2 after 27 minutes.

Barça continued to dominate and Adolfo put them ahead for the first time (2-3, minute 31), however, Pedro Toro soon brought things level again.


Ximbinha, on the counterattack after a good pass from Dyego, gave Barça the lead once more with six minutes to go (3-4, minute 34), and with Levante then forced to take risks with the goalkeeper-player, Barça took advantage.

Adolfo, scored from his own half into the empty net and then went on to complete his hat-trick in the last minute. Barça will therefore play in Sunday's Spanish Cup final, and will try to win their third in a row against Inter Movistar.

Match Details

Levante, 3
Barça, 6

Levante: Fede, Maxi Rescia, Gallo, Rubi Lemos, Esteban -starters-. Roger, Rafa Usín, Rivillos, Marc Tolrà, Jorge Santos, Pedro Toro.
Barça: Dídac, Marcenio, Dyego, Matheus, Ferrao -starters-. Adolfo, Aicardo, Ximbinha, André Coelho, Daniel.
Goals: 1-0, Marcenio (min. 3, p.p.); 1-1, Ximbinha (min. 22); 2-1, Gallo (min. 25); 2-2, André Coelho (min. 27); 2-3, Adolfo (min. 31); 3-3, Pedro Toro (min. 33); 3-4, Ximbinha (min. 34); 3-5, Adolfo (min. 37); 3-6, Adolfo (min. 40).
Officials: Rodrigo Miguel, Sánchez-Molina Tapiador. Yellow cards for Gallo, Rivillos, Esteban, Ximbinha, Daniel, Dyego and Andreu Plaza.


Força Barça
Força Barça

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