Barça 5-1 Osasuna: Dominant victory

Barça 5-1 Osasuna: Dominant victory

Andreu Plaza's side played a fantastic match and a win was never in doubt

Barça were dominant throughout Sunday's fixture but despite several chances, were unable to open the scoring before the break.

Aicardo found the net soon afterwards (1-0, min 22), before Matheus took advantage of an assist from Daniel to ease the hosts further ahead.


Osasuna narrowed the deficit with a goal five minutes later thanks to Bynho, then came a period where both sides cancelled each other out.

In the final 10 minutes, however, Andreu Plaza's team scored three times. Joselito, with a spectacular volley, made it 3-1, before Barça took advantage of Osasuna playing with a goalkeeper-player to end up making the final score 5-1, courtesy of a double by Adolfo.

Match Details:

Barça, 5
Osasuna, 1

Barça: Dídac, Aicardo, Adolfo, Marcenio and Ferrao –starters-, Matheus, Povill, Dyego, Daniel, Ximbinha and Joselito.

Osasuna: Asier, R. Martil, Tony, Linhares and D. Zurdo –starters-, Juninho, Mancuso, César, Bynho, Fabinho J. and Wanderson.

Goals: 1-0, Aicardo (min 22); 2-0, Matheus (min 26); 2-1, Bynho (min 26); 3-2, Joselito (min 32); 4-1, Adolfo (min 39); 5-1, Adolfo (min 40).

Officials: Mayo López and Panadero Díaz-Concha. Yellow cards for Daniel and Wanderson.


Força Barça
Força Barça

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