Barça 3-0 Burela: Into the Copa quarterfinals!

Barça 3-0 Burela: Into the Copa quarterfinals!

Andreu Plaza's men prevail thanks to a double from Ximbinha and a goal by Adolfo in an even match played at the Ciutat Esportiva

Ferrao had the first chance almost immediately after the start of the game, with visiting goalkeeper Kaluza equal to it. Barça's good start continued and they were rewarded with Ximbinha's volleyed goal five minutes in.

Both teams attacked as often as possible in an open game, and Aicardo was about to make it 2-0, but again Kaluza denied the hosts. Joselito and Ferrao went close while Burela played on the counterattack. Diego and Dyego stopped Burela from equalising after some dangerous play, and shortly before the break Ximbinha hit the post as Barça upped the intensity again.

An open match

The opening minutes of the second half saw both teams create good chances but without being able to finish them off, the closest anyone came was when Sergio Lozano and Coelho's shots were deflected.

Ximbinha eventually grabbed a second for Barça (2-0, min 32), this time from a corner. After that goal, Burela played with the goalkeeper-player, but Andreu Plaza's men broke in the last few seconds for Adolfo to wrap up qualification with a third. 

Match Details:

Barça, 3
Burela, 0

Barça: Dídac, Sergio Lozano, Dyego, Joselito and Ferrao –starters-, Adolfo, Daniel, Marcenio, Aicardo, Matheus, Ximbinha, André Coelho and Esquerdinha.

Burela: M. Kaluza, Renato, Javi Rodríguez, Iago Míguez and Pitero –starters-, Ález Diz, Lucho, Eto’o, David Pazos, Quintela and Matamoros. 

Goals: 1-0, Ximbinha (min 5); 2-0, Ximbinha (min 32); 3-0, Adolfo (min 40).

Officials: Óscar Alonso and Tomás Santander. Yellow cards for Ximbinha, Sergio Lozano, Aicardo and Matamoros. 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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