Patri Guijarro says winning four trophies would be 'historic'

Patri Guijarro says winning four trophies would be 'historic'

With another Champions League final just around the corner, the blaugrana midfielder talks about the team's form ahead of the showdown with Olympique Lyonnais in Bilbao

The match winner in last year's Champions League final in Eindhoven against Wolfsburg is looking to make history. Barça Women midfielder Patri Guijarro is aiming to win her 23rd trophy as a blaugrana in the season in which she has reached 300 appearances for the team. 

After nine seasons at the Club, Guijarro has her third Champions League title in her sights with Saturday's final against Olympique Lyonnais in Bilbao giving Barça Women the chance to win an unprecedented four trophies in the 2023/24 season. 

No-one has even won four trophies in a season - how difficult is it to achieve something like this? 

It would be a historic achievement. We have been talking about it in the conditional tense all season and now, at last, we are a step away from making it happen. It's something that is really difficult to do, what we have already done is tough, but we will try. 

What is the team's secret to be at the top level for so long? 

The ambition that we have. Mentally, we are clear about our objectives. At the start of the season we were focused on the league, the Super Cup, the Copa de la Reina and the Champions League and now we are where we wanted to be. The desire to win, even though in the past we have made history, is what characterises us. 

When you walk out on to the field and hear the Champions League anthem, how do you feel? 

It's a very special moment because the Champions League is a unique competition and it excites us and we like it a lot. We have been setting small goals for ourselves over the year such as getting to the group stage, quarter-finals, to be in the final so many times in recent years is an incredible achievement. 

"We have been setting small goals for ourselves over the year such as getting to the group stage, quarter-finals, to be in the final so many times in recent years is an incredible achievement".

Patri Guijarro

Winning the Champions League would be...

Incredible - even more so winning it in Bilbao. 

Third final against Olympique Lyonnais - third time lucky? 

Let's hope so. 

How has the team changed since the last final against the French side? 

We are a more mature side. In the final last season we were losing as we were against Olympique and we ended up winning. It also happened in the tie against Chelsea. Now, we are stronger mentally and that makes us better coming into this final. 

Your two goals in Eindhoven gave the Club their second Champions League title. This season you are just a goal away from your best ever total. 

Let's hope that I can score, but honestly, I would be happy just to win. I don't care who scores or how. The objective is to win. 


What are Olympique's strengths? 

They are a strong team, above all mentally. We saw that in the semi-final against PSG - in a short space of time they created a lot of chances. They came from behind against Paris, one of the best teams in Europe. They are very strong in attack and they can score from just a few touches. In short, they have 8 Champions League titles, the best team in Europe. 

Right now you have 22 trophies as a blaugrana. Another Champions League would make it 23. How proud are you of all you have achieved at Barça? 

23, let's hope I can do it. My dream was to be at Barça. Winning trophies is what we train for every day - not just for me but for the Club and for the team to win the Champions League would be historic. 

The final is in Bilbao, not a million miles away from Barcelona. What is your message to the fans who are coming to support you? 

Let's hope lots of fans come - we need them. On the field we will feel them and we have them with us. We need that push and help from the stands. 





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