FC Barcelona Women receive Gold Medal of Honour from Catalan Parliament

FC Barcelona Women receive Gold Medal of Honour from Catalan Parliament

Side become the first sports team, male or female, to be awarded this very special recognition

The Parliament of Catalonia has awarded its Gold Medal of Honour this year to the FC Barcelona women's football team. At today's event in the Auditorium in the parliament building, its president Anna Erra was joined by Joan Laporta and the players and coaching staff, as well as several members of the club's board. The president of the Government of Catalonia, Pere Aragonès, and a large number of other senior political figures, were also in attendance.

No sports team has ever received this distinction before, which recognises everything that the club has done for the growth, recognition and professionalisation of the women's game and equal opportunities. The team has set a wonderful example for young girls and has helped changed the social perception of the role of women in sport, all which forms part of the shift towards a better and fairer world for everyone.

This medal typically honours people for the precise values of teamwork, effort and respect that the Barça women's team typifies to such perfection.

The event was hosted by Danae Boronat and began with the Cross of Sant Jordi being awarded to Anna N. Schlegel, a Catalan entrepreneur and investor who was named the world's most influential woman in the field of technology in 2020 and 2023. After all the prizes had been presented, the day ended with a rendition of the Catalan national anthem by the Geriona Choir.

Statement by Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona

“It hasn't been an easy road and there is still a long way to go. But we are heading in the right direction and as president of Barça I feel very proud that our city has engendered such a benchmark for women's football, in Catalonia and all around the world. This award from the Catalan parliament will further inspire us to follow up on the work done over the years and to break down the barriers that women's football has sadly had to face throughout its history.”

Statement by Alexia Putellas, Barça captain

“We are the first men's or women's team to win this Medal of Honour. That would have been unthinkable until how many years ago?  5, 10, 20? But it's happened. It's happening. And it has happened because society is changing and has brought us here. Institutions worldwide need to ensure that people have the same opportunities to play football, whether they are boys or girls. We want all the girls who will follow after us in the coming years to have everything they need to have fun, to play and to win."

"What with the serious situation we've been facing this last few days with the Federation and the changes we want made so that no women, both inside and outside of football, should ever have to live through situations of disdain, lack of respect or abuse. We need consensus, leadership and values from our institutions."

Laudable winners since 2000

This medal has been presented every year since 2000 to people or institutions that warrant such special recognition.

Some distinguished Catalan figures have collected the prize in the past, including the economist and politician Ernest Lluch (2001); the first eight female members of the Catalan senate and the Institut Guttmann (2015); the Mossos d'Esquadra police force, emergency services, Barcelona Guardia Urbana and Cambrils Police Force (2017); Catalan healthcare workers (2020); and former Barça player and manager Josep Guardiola (2010).


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