When and where to watch FC Barcelona v Bayern Munich

When and where to watch FC Barcelona v Bayern Munich

A global guide to kick-off times as the UWCL returns to Spotify Camp Nou

The Women's Champions League is back at Spotify Camp Nou. Barça take on Bayern Munich and for those not lucky enough to be in the stadium, here's a guide to kick-off times. 

It's a 6.45pm start local time:


Thursday 24 November (25 November in East Asia/Oceania)

The Americas

Canada (Vancouver 9.45am, Montreal 12.45pm)
USA (Los Angeles 9.45am, New York 12.45pm)
Mexico, Central America and Dominican Republic (Mexico City 11.45am, Panama 12.45pm, Dominican Republic 1.45pm)
Caribbean (Jamaica 12.45pm, French Guiana 2.45pm)
South America (Peru, Colombia 12.45pm, Venezuela 1.45pm, Chile, Brazil (Brasilia), Argentina 2.45pm)


UK, Ireland and Portugal (5.45pm)
Central Europe (6.45pm)
Eastern Europe (7.45pm)
Russia (Moscow (8.45pm)
Caucasus Region (9.45pm)


North Africa (Morocco 6.45pm, Egypt 7.45pm)
Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa (Ghana 5.45pm, Nigeria 6.45pm, South Africa 7.45pm, Ethiopia 8.45pm)


Arab countries and Iran (Mecca 8.45pm, Iran 9.45pm. Oman 10.45pm)
Central Asia (Afghanistan 10.45pm, Kazakhstan 11.45pm)
Indian Subcontinent (Pakistan 10.45pm, India 11.15pm, Bangladesh 11.45pm)
Southeast Asia (Thailand 12.45am, Philippines 1.45am)
China (1.45am)
South Korea and Japan (2.45am)


Australia (Sydney 4.45am)
New Zealand (6.45am)


Força Barça
Força Barça

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