Rosengärd 1-4 Barça: Second group stage win

Rosengärd 1-4 Barça: Second group stage win

Barça win a tough match with braces for Aitana and Mariona

Another three points in the bank. Barça beat a combative Rosengärd 1-4 with braces for Aitana and Mariona for their second group stage win from two in the  Champions League group stage. The Catalans dominated the game, particularly the first half, and Marta Torrejón became the first player to reach 63 games for the club in the competition.

First half dominance

Caroline Graham Hansen had the first chance with a header that went close, before Aitana and Oshoala caused problems for the home side's defence. The chances were coming thick and fast, Mariona almost scoring after 12 minutes after the high press recovered the ball. Finally the pressure bore fruit, Aitana deftly finishing a long passing move to make it 0-1 after 30 minutes after good work by Rolfö down the left.

The only downside in the first half was that Graham Hansen had to leave the pitch due to pain in her right thigh after 39 minutes. Aitana then curled in a lovely low shot inside the post after good battling from Geyse for 0-2. However, Rosengärd got a goal back from the edge of the box, 1-2 the score at half time.

More of the same

Barça looked dangerous again as the second half started, with Rolfö and Ohoala both off target. However, Mariona quelled any chance of a home side comeback as she scored a superb long range strike from inside the centre circle over Micah on 65 minutes.

The Catalans clearly wanted more goals, with Irene Paredes hitting the post, and Aitana and Oshoala both denied by Micah. Their efforts were rewarded in the end with a second goal for Mariona after Micah had beat out a free kick from Pina. Final score 1-4.

Game stats:

Rosengärd, 1
Barça, 4

Rosengärd: Micah, Amardottir, Öling, Larsson (Kullashi, min 66), Wik, Bredgaard (Sanders, min 76), M. Persson, Lundin (Chmielinski, min 76), Schough, Holdt (Thogersen, min 66) and L.A. Persson (Schmidt, min 83).

Barça: Paños, Paredes, María León, Marta (Bronze, min 66), Mariona, Graham (Crnogorcevic, min 39), Aitana, Walsh (Engen, min 66), Rolfö, Oshoala (María Pérez, min 83) and Geyse (Pina, min 66). 

Goals: 0-1, Aitana (min 30); 0-2, Aitana (min 41); 1-2, Holdt (min 47); 1-3, Mariona (min 65); 1-4, Mariona (min 92). 

Referee: Lorraine Watson. Yellow cards for Wik from Rosengärd and Geyse from Barça. 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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