Giráldez: 'A final between the two best teams in Europe'

Giráldez: 'A final between the two best teams in Europe'

The Barça coach along with Alexia Putellas and Irene Paredes appears before the press ahead of the Barça v Lyon final in Turin

In the build up to Saturday's final in Turin between Barça Women and Lyon, coach Jonatan Giráldez and players Alexia Putellas and Irene Paredes spoke to the press in their pre-game media appearance in Italy: 

Jonatan Giráldez

"Given the history of both team, what Lyon have done and Barça's development...I think it's a final between the two best team in Europe. Whoever comes will see a great spectacle with two great teams and great players." 

"Lyon have kept a strong spine and they have preserved their identity. They are a team will a lot of options, very tough." 

"We are really motivated and ambitious. We have done really well in the league and in Europe and we have had a clear week to prepare which has been good and intense." 

"History says that we have never beaten them and that is a great motivating factory, as it was against Wolfsburg when the team showed great superb character. Tomorrow we will give it all to win." 

Alexia Putellas

"Confidence is high. We are the two best teams right now in Europe in the final. They are tough opponents with players who will push us but we are 100% confident that all will go well." 

"It's no surprise that the fans are excited. That's positive and we will feel our support." 

"Tomorrow we have the chance to retain the trophy against the team who showed us what it takes to be European Champions." 

"The aim is to life the trophy again. One of the great things about sport is uncertainty, you never know who will win and that's the magic." 

Irene Paredes

"In the last few years we have played several times against Lyon. That gives us valuable experience and I hope it can helps us tomorrow."

"It's normal for them to want to win, to beat us. We want to win as well." 

"I think we are the two best team in Europe, in the world. We want to retain the title, respectfully, but we are hungry to win." 

Força Barça
Força Barça

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