First 3,000 free tickets made available by the Club for the final in Turin allocated

First 3,000 free tickets made available by the Club for the final in Turin allocated

Every member's request for free tickets guaranteed and Club to make a further 4,000 tickets available for Barça fans to purchase from May 6

The first 3,000 free tickets made available to members by the Club for the Women's Champions League final on May 21 in Turin have been allocated. A second batch of 4,000 tickets will go on sale to the general public today at 10.00am CEST for anyone wishing to support the team during the match against Olympique Lyonnais Féminin.

This new batch of tickets will be available for purchase by fans and members who are yet to obtain their ticket.

More tickets to be made available

Now that the period for free tickets for members has ended, from today, Friday May 6, at 10.00am CEST, the Club will make a purchasing form available in the website for fans that want to attend the final. 4000 tickets will be made available for Barça fans at a special price of 10 euro plus a 2.5 euro handing charge. The purchasing period via the Club website will be open until 12.00pm CEST on Wednesday, May 11.

The Club aims to do all it can to help Barça fans make the trip to Turin to support the team against Olympique Lyonnais Féminin on May 21, hence the ticketing and travel initiatives. There is also the option for fans to buy tickets through the UEFA website, as well as the Club website.

Named, personal, and non-transferible

Tickets obtained via this process will be named, personal, and non-transferible, matching the conditions for the free tickets requested by members. You will need to show your passport or national ID card to confirm the ticket holder's identity. Should the name of the person with the ticket not match the name on the ticket, the Italian authorities reserve the right to prevent access to the stadium.

Up to four tickets can be bought during the same purchasing process, and each will require the personal information of the final recipient of the ticket. As they are named, the tickets cannot be given to relatives or friends, rather that they have to be used by the person identified on the ticket.

The location of each ticket inside the area of the Juventus Stadium allocated to Barça fans will be assigned by UEFA, based on the requests included together on each form and the order of ticket purchase.

Tickets obtained via the Club website will be sent from the Italian Federation to buyers via email between May 13 and 48 hours before matchday. Each ticket holder will have to show their ticket in their mobile phone or have a print-out of the ticket. It won't be possible to collect the ticket at the destination or from any of the Club's ticket offices.

Please remember those who already have a ticket through the exclusive procedure for members from May 2 to 5 will not be able to purchase another ticket from this next batch of ticket sales, as they are named and non-transferible, with the member already having a named ticket allocated.

Affordable travel options to support the team

With the aim of helping Barça fans reach the Juventus Stadium in Turin to support the team in this final, FC Barcelona Travel has a range of return trips available by coach at very affordable prices.

There are two options by coach, with prices for members of 58 and 69 euro, depending on the itinerary, for members.

The travel options are also available for penya members and fans who already have a ticket. For penya members, the coach options will cost 72 and 84 euro. For fans who are neither members or penya members, the coach options will cost 88 and 98 euros.

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