Aitana and Nico on happy times at FC Barcelona

Aitana and Nico on happy times at FC Barcelona

Aitana Bonmatí and Nico González have plenty of interesting things to say at the presentation of the Mediterranean International Cup

Aitana Bonmatí of the women’s team and Nico González of the men’s attended the presentation of the next edition of the Mediterranean International Cup on Thursday where they spoke on a number of topics, and with one in particular dominating the discussion…

The women’s Clásico

“It’s hard to take in what happened yesterday, I barely have the words. We’ve received so many messages and the social networks are buzzing with it all. I dreamed from little of playing in front of a packed Camp Nou, but I never imagined it would really happen.” (Aitana)

“I had to hold back the tears going onto the pitch. The emotions were huge. I’ve been at Barça for ten years but I have always supported this team from my heart. It was a very special experience.” (Aitana)

“It was a historic day for them and the club. It shows why Barça is more than a club.” (Nico)

“I hope it has been a turning point for everyone. We are encouraging all girls and pushing the idea that football is not only for boys. I am sure that after tomorrow’s game a lot of girls are going to take up football. It is also important for boys to have female role models. It is important to change society.” (Aitana)


Aitana on the men's team

“The 4-0 win at the Bernabéu was a total whitewash, a very special day. They are in great rhythm and are back to what they’ve always been, to what we Barça fans like.

Nico on the Europa League and Liga

“We are very excited about the Europa League. For me, it would be my first trophy and the most special thing that ever happened to me as a player.”

“We evidently have to believe we can win the league. But let’s not kid ourselves, it’s difficult. But we’re playing well and can only take each game as it comes. If we can close the gap, I’m sure we will get our chance.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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