Malcom: 'Barça is like a family'

Malcom: 'Barça is like a family'

The Brazilian speaks exclusively to the club media about life at the greatest club in the world, including his triumphant debut in the Champions League

“Being here is unforgettable for me. So I'm going to do all I can to be here for a long time.”

Malcom is living a dream since joining FC Barcelona in the summer, and in this interview with the club media, he discusses, among other topics, his goalscoring debut in the Champions League, his relationship with his team-mates and the struggles he faced in Brazil to make it in the world of football.


“The adaptation’s very good. I'm adapting and learning to speak a bit of Spanish. I have classes three times a week. But I am also learning a lot every day from being with my team-mates. When I speak Spanish 100%, I'll start Catalan classes too”.


“It's all like a family. Everybody wants the best for everybody else. There are always jokes in the dressing room and in the Barça WhatsApp group that we have too. I'm with the Brazilians most but I get on with everyone.”


“For me, he's not from this world. And his simplicity and humility are incredible. He deserves all this praise”.


“I spoke with him and he told me what I needed to settle into the team and get better. So our relationship is very good”.


“My Champions League debut was a boyhood dream. And to score ... that's something I will remember throughout my career and forever”.

“And then I shot. I don't know how but I wanted to finish the move. I ran on goal, I shot, and I was very happy to score the goal.”

“After the game I phoned my mother and she was crying because she knew I'd always said that I wanted to play in the Champions League for Barcelona”.

2018/19 SEASON

“It's a difficult season. A lot of games. But we're used to it and we're going to have a nice season and win a lot of trophies.”

“Difficult games are for showing why you have come here, why you are in Barcelona”.


“I'm from a town in Brazil and from a family that didn’t have the money to buy things I wanted. So it was very difficult. I'd always go by bus to training at 4 in the morning”.

“So a lot of hardship, but now there are lots of reasons to smile too.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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