Luis Enrique happy for the fans

Luis Enrique happy for the fans

The FC Barcelona manager was beaming following Barça's 7–0 Champions League victory over Celtic

From the very first word he spoke it was evident that the perpetually raspy voice of FC Barcelona manager Luis Enrique Martínez had a different tone, a different pitch, a different inflection.

It was hard to place, yet it was there.

And how could it not be?

His team had just completed a pristine performance on Champions League opening night. The seven goals they put by visiting Celtic had clearly made Luis Enrique’s day.

“We practically didn’t commit any mistakes,” the manager beamed from the podium in the Ricard Maxenchs press room at Camp Nou following Barça’s opening round knockout.

“The players had fun, and that allowed the Barça supporters to have fun,” he said.     

Luis Enrique had fun too. You could feel it.

“The team did a lot of good things,” he continued. “We played so well, the approach of our opponents didn’t matter in the least.”

Here are the highlights of what else Luis Enrique had to say at his post-game press conference.

On the penalty kick called on, and saved by, Ter Stegen:

“It’s a warning that you can’t let your guard down.”

On Barça’s possession advantage:

“When we get the ball back quickly, we do well.”

On the play of André Gomes:

“I liked him a lot at the centre midfield position. He plays easy, he’s good, and he’s physical.”

On the importance of scoring early:

“It’s a necessity against such a defensive-minded team.”

On the play of Lionel Messi:

“Messi’s the best player in the world, at whatever position he plays.”

“Messi is total football.”

On the Barça’s defensive play:

“We’re getting better every game.”

On the play of Luis Suárez:

“Suárez never ceases to create pressure and work hard.”

“Even though he didn’t have his best day, we knew he’d end up scoring.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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