Luis Suárez: 'That's why we're league champions'

Luis Suárez: 'That's why we're league champions'

Sergio Busquets, Ivan Rakitic, Sergi Roberto and Denis Suárez also spoke to the media after the 3-2 win in Valencia, so let's find out what they had to say

The 3-2 win at Valencia was about as dramatic as football can get, last-second winner included, and the players had barely got their breath back before they were describing the exhilarating events to the media.

Here are the pick of the quotes from the protagonists of a memorable afternoon in Valencia:

Luis Suárez

“It is much nicer to savour a win like this when you have had to come from behind to win. That said, you’d always rather an easy win with a big lead, but we always knew this was going to be a difficult game.”

“You win games like this by showing ambition and not giving up. That’s why we are the defending champions.”

Sergio Busquets

“We hope Iniesta’s injury is as unimportant as possible, but he got hurt in a delicate zone. We’ll miss him, we’ll support him and we hope he recovers as quickly as possible”.

Ivan Rakitic

“That game was hard-going and all of kinds of things happened out there. We’ve had no time to rest after Wednesday’s game, and that’s why we weren’t at our best, but the most important thing was the win at a very difficult ground.”

Sergi Roberto

“Any game is difficult if you’re behind, especially with the way their fans were spurring them on. But we all grouped to turn the game around and Leo scored in the final minute.”

“We switched from a 3-man midfield with Denis Suárez playing in my position, but a little further out wide. The coach makes those decisions and he must have got it right because we ended up winning.”

Denis Suárez

“Valencia have got a new manager and their fans were right behind them. It is at grounds like these where the league is won and any three points won in the last minute are always going to be very important.”

“We attacked the game from start to finish and in the end we snatched it with a penalty. And it was a clear penalty, it happened right in front of me.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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