Luis Enrique pregame quotes: Juventus vs FC Barcelona

Luis Enrique pregame quotes: Juventus vs FC Barcelona

"It's all down to who plays the best football in these games," the manager said Also see what defender Javier Mascherano had to say in his pre-game press conference Match Preview: Juventus v Barça

Opening statement:

We need to play good football, because you Juventus’s numbers are spectacular, but our target is the same as ever — to play well regardless of the venue and be better than a very strong opponent, and of course that's going to be very difficult.

On Juventus’s changes and whether they are a stronger team now than in the final in Berlin:

They are similar really. They have players that have left, but other players of come in as well. They've kept a strong squad, they are a strong unit. I can't really say if they are better or worse, perhaps it would be better if you ask their manager that question.

On whether the loss to Málaga will affect the team:

I don't think so. At this stage of the competition, and knowing how important these games are, the players are more than ready to deal with whatever comes up. We know how attractive this competition is and how attractive the quarterfinal against Juventus is. I don't think at this stage of the competition a league result has any impact on tomorrow.

On what he remembers from the 2015 final:

Nothing but positive memories. But that has nothing to do with tomorrow's game. It has nothing to do with that final at all. Both Juventus and ourselves are in great form now and really hoping to get into the semifinals.

On whether the 6–1 win over PSG was a warning call to Europe:

No, we don't base ourselves on past results. Eight teams are in the quarterfinals now, and it's all down to who plays the best football in these games, who makes the most of any mistakes your opponent commits, and to get things right in both areas. Those are essential elements of any game of this category.

On whether he is surprised with the difference between the Sevilla and Málaga games and which Barça he expects tomorrow:

You can use whatever what you’d like. They were two good games. The Malaga game was good too. The result was awful, unfair, we were very much the better team, but in football sometimes the smallest mistake can make you pay a hefty price. It was a game we really deserved to win, maybe not as much as the game against Sevilla, but professionals can't go crazy banging our heads against the wall every time we lose a game or going crazy because we won a game like the one again Sevilla.

On what he expects from Juventus:

I can tell you what we are going to do. Massimiliano Allegri is the man to ask about that one. I think they know how to play different kinds of football, but we are going to play our game, which is to go out and try and win the game from the start.

On the confidence level of André Gomes and whether he can start against Juventus:

Of course, he could have a chance at playing, but I think it's pathetic that you're individualizing any defeat on one or two players in any team. So, I'm going to come out here and defend my players. I think it's a shame that you don't realize that this is a team sport I think it's pathetic. This is something that happens in professional football, but I repeat that I think it's totally unfair and undeserved. Obviously, we all need to improve, but to single out players and blame them for defeats I think is lamentable.

On Busquets not playing tomorrow:

He's a key player for us, which you can see with his is statistics, and you can see how important of a player he is for us. But we do have plenty of resources to cover for him. We can play other players who can take that position. It's normal that if you play in these competitions that players pick up cards and get suspended. It's nothing out of the ordinary.

On Neymar possibly missing El Clásico because of the applause to the fourth official:

I have a marvelous game tomorrow against Juventus. Let's talk about that for now. I don't want to talk about other things, so let's focus on tomorrow.

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