When and where to watch Barça v Valencia

When and where to watch Barça v Valencia

A guide to viewing Thursday's Copa del Rey semi-final which will kick-off at Camp Nou at 9.30pm CET

FC Barcelona will play in the Copa del Rey against Valencia on Thursday, February 1, starting at 9.30pm CET. Ernesto Valverde's men contest the first leg of the semi-final at Camp Nou against the third place team in the league, a rival who is traditionally difficult for Barça.

The match will be shown live by GOL and Telecinco in Spain and by many other television channels around the world that we will list below. You can also follow minute by minute coverage via the Club website and its different official accounts on social media platforms.

Thursday, February 1 

Canada – Vancouver (12.30 PM) / Toronto (3.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com@fcbarcelona_fra and www.fcbarcelona.fr

United States  – Los Angeles (12.30 PM) / New York (3.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com

Latin America – Mexico City (2.30 PM) / Bogota (3.30 PM) / Santiago (5.30 PM) / Buenos Aires (5.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_es and www.fcbarcelona.es

Brazil – Brasilia (6.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_br and www.fcbarcelona.com.br

Africa –  Dakar (8.30 PM) / Yaoundé (9.30 PM) / Cape Town (10.30 PM)

FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelonawww.fcbarcelona.com@fcbarcelona_fra and www.fcbarcelona.fr

United Kingdom – London (8.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com

France – Paris (9.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_fra and www.fcbarcelona.fr

Barcelona (9.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: www.fcbarcelona.catwww.fcbarcelona.es@fcbarcelona_cat and @fcbarcelona_es
GOL and Telecinco

Turkey – Istanbul (11.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_tr and www.fcbarcelona.com.tr

Russia – Moscow (11.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com

Arab Countries – Riyadh (11.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelonawww.fcbarcelona.com@fcbarcelona_ara and www.arabfcbarcelona.com

Friday, February 2 

India – New Delhi (2.00 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com

Indonesia – Jakarta (3.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_id and www.fcbarcelona.co.id
BeIN Sports 2 Indonesia

China – Beijing (4.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: fcbarcelona.qq.cn
QQ Sports Live, PPTV Sport China

Japan – Tokyo (5.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_jp and www.fcbarcelona.jp
DAZN Japan

Australia – Sydney (7.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona and www.fcbarcelona.com
BeIN Sports Connect Australia, Bein Sports 2 Australia

Força Barça
Força Barça

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