Gavi: 'I will always give everything for FC Barcelona'

Gavi: 'I will always give everything for FC Barcelona'

The Spanish midfielder discusses his time at La Masia and his development as a footballer

He is the beating heart of FC Barcelona. And accordingly, “I would do whatever I can for Barça”, explained Gavi during an interview with Catalan news outlet, La Vanguardia. The blaugrana number 6 discussed Frenkie de Jong, explained what his time at La Masia means to him and analysed his development as a footballer. 

Blaugrana because of Xavi and Iniesta's Barça 

“The Barça side featuring Xavi, Iniesta and others was the best ever and I was and always will be a Barça fan from that moment”

La Masia memories

“La Masia represents my childhood to me, I've been here almost as long as I can remember. It really has meant everything to me. I really enjoyed being with my classmates - going outside to play with them, hanging around with them, we did everything together”

An eternal culer

“I will always give everything, do whatever I can for Barça”

“Hopefully I can always remain at FC Barcelona. I will be happiest here”

His development as a player

“Compared to last year, I have improved by taking my time more and going for balls that can be won. I committed a lot of fouls before and I am really improving in that sense. I sometimes watch a game afterwards and wonder how I could do what I did. My mum worries, but that's football and I try to give my all. I think I'm a player who will fight to the end”

Frenkie de Jong's importance

“I really admire Frenkie de Jong, I admire him most from the entire squad. You can really notice he isn't here at the moment - as is the case with Pedri. I was really worried that he might leave the Club, I did't want him to go - I kept telling him”

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Scoring a goal in the mind's eye

“I visualise what might happen before important games, I see myself scoring a goal. I always try to think about scoring a goal before games”

“I reckon I can score ten goals for Barça this season”

A dream

“One of my dreams is to win the Champions League, it may even be my biggest dream. Lifting the Champions League with Barça is the dream of every young culer”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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