When and where to watch FC Barcelona v Sevilla

When and where to watch FC Barcelona v Sevilla

Global guide to kick-off times and broadcasters of the Friday fixture (early Saturday morning in some parts of the world)

It doesn't stop! Just a three days after the game in Mallorca, Barça are now back at the Estadi Olímpic for a Friday kick-off against Sevilla.

If you are unable to watch the game, or if you wish to complement your viewing with additional information, don’t forget that we have full coverage of the game, including the build-up live from the stadium and post-match reactions in our Match Center on the Club's official website.


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We provide a list of the broadcasters that hold the rights to show the games in different countries or regions, but please note that although we list them here, we CANNOT guarantee that they will actually show the game. That does not depend on us, and you should check their own websites for details.

Friday 29 September

The Americas

Canada (Vancouver 9.30am, Montreal 12.30pm)TSN (English), RDS (French)

USA (Los Angeles 9.30am, New York 12.30pm)ESPN

Mexico (Mexico City 10.30am)Sky

Central America and Dominican Republic (Panama 11.30am, Dominican Republic 12.30pm)ViX

Caribbean (Jamaica 11.30am, Bahamas 12.30pm, French Guiana 1.30pm)Sportsmax, ESPN

Spanish speaking South America (Peru, Colombia 11.30am, Venezuela, Chile 12.30pm, Argentina 1.30pm)ESPN, D-Sports, Tigo (Bolivia and Paraguay), ByM Sport (Venezuela)

Brazil (Brasilia 1.30pm)ESPN


Ireland (5.30pm)Premier Sports

United Kingdom (5.30pm)Viaplay

Portugal (5.30pm)DAZN Eleven

Spain (6.30pm)La Liga Movistar

Gibraltar (6.30pm)Gib Telecom, Gibfibre, U-mee

France (6.30pm)Bein

Belgium and Luxembourg (6.30pm)DAZN Eleven

Netherlands (6.30pm)Ziggo Sport

Norway (6.30pm)TV2

Sweden (6.30pm)TV4 Football

Denmark (6.30pm)TV2 Sport X

Germany, Austria and Italy (6.30pm)DAZN (and Sky Sports Bar in Italy)

Switzerland (6.30pm)Blue

Malta (6.30pm)TSN

Poland (6.30pm)Eleven, Canal+

Czech Republic and Slovakia (6.30pm)Nova Sport, Premier Sport

Hungary (6.30pm)Spiler 2

Balkan Republics (6.30pm)Arena (and Art Sport & Kujtesa Sport in Kosovo)

Albania (6.30pm)Super Sport

Finland (7.30pm)MTV Urheilu 1

Baltic Republics (7.30pm)Setanta, TV3 Sport

Belarus (7.30pm)Voka, Kinopoisk

Ukraine (7.30pm)Megogo

Romania (7.30pm)Prima Sport, Digi Sport

Bulgaria (7.30pm)Max Sport

Greece (7.30pm)Nova

Cyprus (7.30pm)Primetel

Turkey (7.30pm)S Sport

Israel (7.30pm)One

Russia (Moscow 7.30pm)Okko

Caucasus Region (8.30pm)Setanta(Plus Silknet in Georgia, CBC in Azerbaijan, FastMedia in Armenia)


North Africa (Morocco 5.30pm, Tunisia 5.30pm, Egypt 7.30pm)Bein

Sub-Saharan Africa (Senegal, Ghana 4.30pm, Nigeria, Cameroon 5.30pm, South Africa, Zambia 6.30pm, Addis Ababa 7.30pm)Super Sport (English and local languages) Canal + Sport (French), Zap (Portuguese)


Arab countries and Iran (Mecca 7.30pm, Iran 8.00pm, Oman 8.30pm)Bein

Central Asia (Afghanistan 10.30pm, Uzbekistan 9.30pm, Kazakhstan 10.30pm)Setanta(Plus NTRC in Ukbekistan, Varjish in Tajikistan)

Maldives (9.30pm)ICE

Indian Subcontinent (Pakistan 9.30pm, India 10.00pm, Bangladesh 10.30pm,Sports 18/MTV, A Sports (Pakistan), Gazi TV, Nagorik TV & Rabbit Hole (Bangladesh)

Myanmar (11.00pm)Canal +

Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia 11.30pm, Philippines 12.30am)Bein (except Myanmar and Vietnam), Setanta (Philippines)

Vietnam (11.30pm)SCTV

Saturday 30 September

Mongolia (12.30am)SPS Classic

China (12.30am)MIGU 

Hong Kong (12.30am)Now 

Macau (12.30am)TDM

Chinese Taipei/Taiwan (12.30am)DAZN ELEVEN

South Korea (1.30am)Coupang Play

Japan (1.30am)U-Next, DAZN


Australia (Perth 12.30am, Sydney 2.30am)Optus

New Zealand (5.30am)

Pacific islands (Fiji 4.30am)TVWAN Sports

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