When and where to watch Vissel Kobe v FC Barcelona

When and where to watch Vissel Kobe v FC Barcelona

The friendly match in Japan can be watched live on Barça TV and Barça TV+ in Spain, and exclusively on NTV in Japan

Tuesday June 6 will see FC Barcelona in Japan to play a friendly match against Vissel Kobe featuring Andrés Iniesta that will bring this season to a close. Kick-off is scheduled for 12.30pm local time in Barcelona and here are a list of the times at selected locations worldwide. 


You can also follow the game live via the Match Center on the Club's website and official social media accounts. It is being shown live on Barça TV and Barça TV+ in Spain.

Here are selected international kickoff times and the Club's relevant official social media accounts by language:

Tuesday, June 6

Canada – Vancouver (3.30 AM) / Toronto (6.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com,  @fcbarcelona_fra, www.fcbarcelona.fr

USA – Los Angeles (3.30 AM) / New York (6.30 AM)
FC Barcelona:  @fcbarcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Latin America - Mexico City (4.30 AM) / Bogota (5.30 AM) / Santiago (6.30 AM) / Buenos Aires (7.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_es, www.fcbarcelona.es

Brazil – Brazilia (7.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_br,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Africa – Dakar (10.30 AM) /Yaoundé (11.30 AM) / Cape Town (12.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com,  @fcbarcelona_fra,  www.fcbarcelona.fr

UK - London (11.30 AM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com

France – Paris (12.30 PM) 
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_fra, www.fcbarcelona.fr

Barcelona (12.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: www.fcbarcelona.cat, www.fcbarcelona.es, @fcbarcelona_cat, @fcbarcelona_es

Ukraine - Kyiv (1.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Turkey – Istanbul (1.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_tr,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Russia – Moscow (1.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Arab countries – Mecca (1.30 PM)
FC Barcelona:@fcbarcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com,  @fcbarcelona_ara,  www.fcbarcelona.com

India – New Delhi (4.00 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Indonesia – Jakarta (5.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_id, www.fcbarcelona.com

China – Beijing (6.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: fcbarcelona.qq.com

Japan – Tokyo (7.30 PM)
Exclusively on NTV
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona_jp,  www.fcbarcelona.jp

Australia – Sydney (8.30 PM)
FC Barcelona: @fcbarcelona,  www.fcbarcelona.com

Força Barça
Força Barça

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