Iñaki Peña visits the Spotify Camp Nou store

Iñaki Peña visits the Spotify Camp Nou store

The first team player visits the Club's facilities, signing autographs and chatting with fans

Barça fans had the chance to meet and greet first team player Iñaki Peña today while he visited the Spotify Camp Nou facilities, including the free Barçaland fun activities organised by the Club during the festive season.

Iñaki also visited the Spotify Camp Nou Barça Store, where he signed autographs and spoke with fans in the store.

Fun activities

The area around Spotify Camp Nou becomes a stage during this time of year, with a wide range of sporting and fun activities for everyone to enjoy, which are adapted for everyone who wants to experience the magic of Barçaland. 

The main sporting activities are the Assistència Sanitària 3x3 basketball courts and 3x3 futsal pitches, where you can show your skills in both sports.

You can also demonstrate your futsal skills and technique like a real first team futsal player at the CaixaBank Futtoc, where you can learn to control the ball with your head, a game organised by Barçaland in conjunction with CaixaBank.

The other fun Barçaland activities include the Speed Run skills circuit, Street Curling or Espai Kids, for younger children.

Shows on stage

There is also a stage at Barçaland, which will host different dance, music and magic shows, as well as storytelling sessions and different handicraft workships, among other ideas, to get everyone visiting the Spotify Camp Nou concourse into the Christmas spirit.

And around Christmas itself, when schools are out on holiday, the Barçaland fun experience will be completed with popular traditions of the season. There will of course be the giant Tió culer, Santa Claus and the Three Kings to receive letters containing wishes, and Christmas workshops with all the trimmings.

Night of Drones at the Spotify Camp Nou

One of the big new events in the Barçaland schedule this year will be the Night of Drones - on 27 and 28 December in the Spotify Camp Nou. Produced by the company, Flock Drone Art, the show features a dance by over 100 drones that create a magical visual effect together.

This experience coincides with the night time visit to the Barça museum, when DJs will play music and a drinks service will be available, before three different Night of Drones shows that visitors can watch from the stand in the stadium. This activity costs €5 for members, with up to 3 companion tickets for the same price. Tickets on sale to the general public cost €15.

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