Raphinha: 'I will always give my all to make the Barça fans happy”

Raphinha: 'I will always give my all to make the Barça fans happy”

The Brazilian forward discusses his start with Barça and figures such as Xavi during interviews with the Catalan newspapers, Sport and Mundo Deportivo

Raphinha has proved one of the star attractions on Barça's tour of the United States of America. The Brazilian forward sat down with Catalan newspapers Sport and Mundo Deportivo to discuss his barnstorming start with FC Barcelona and his playing style, as well as everything FC Barcelona and how "amazing" it all is.

He has also left many Barça amazed on this tour too, and Raphinha hopes to make them very happy.

His strong start in a Barça jersey

“I am very happy to have been involved in four goals in two games. I am a forward and I really like getting involved and bringing something to the attack. I like being involved in play”

“The best way to mark your debut in a Clásico is by scoring a goal. It was a unique feeling. It's hard to put the feelings into words”


“The strong desire to play for Barça and fulfil a dream makes me want to adapt quicker. I am still getting used to the team's style of play, but I always want to be ready, whether to train or play. Both my teammates and the coaching staff are helping me to adapt. They are all support me, so everything is much easier”

Xavi's role

“Xavi asked me to be a player who strives to get results, but also plays with joy”

“His playing, and now coaching style, always close to the opposition goal, really grabbed my attention, and we forwards love that. The pressing, always looking to touch the ball, and the goals, I really like that style”

“He adopts a warm approach with footballers and I like that in a coach. I haven't been here for long, but his warmth shines through as a coach, always trying to help as much as he can”

A winger with shooting boots...

“I like coming inside when I play because I can use my powerful shot, and I find it easier to move from inside to out onto my left foot, rather than with my right foot. I also really like dribbling”

... and ambitions

“I imagine my debut in the Spotify Camp Nou, giving my best, winning and scoring goals to build confidence. I will always give my all to make the fans happy”

“My aim at FC Barcelona is to win a lot of trophies”

Loving the Barça style

“I have always followed Barça, I watched their games. And I saw the team was filled with quality players with a wonderful playing style, it's amazing. Clearly, I wanted be involved and help by bringing my playing style”

Close to Ansu and Araujo

“They both speak Portuguese and Araujo is also South American so it makes me feel more at ease. I spend more time with them both as they speak Portuguese, but I interact with everyone”

Another Brazilian playing for Barça

“Romario, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, and Ronaldinho all created history with Barça. It's my time now and I hope to leave as nice a legacy as those  players”

“Ronaldinho was my idol when I was growing up because we are from the same neighbourhood, he was a close friend of the family, and because he was a good footballer. I mimicked his style of play and presence, always smiling. His magic also inspired me to follow his playing style. Neymar was also a big inspiration for me”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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