When and where to watch A-League All Stars v FC Barcelona

When and where to watch A-League All Stars v FC Barcelona

Wednesday's game is being streamed live on Barça TV, but it's going to be an unusual kick-off time ... This guide will help you set things straight

FC Barcelona are seeing out the 2021/22 season with a friendly in Australia against the A-League All Stars.

Watching the game should present no problem to fans, who can enjoy a live stream from Sydney on Barça TV+ worldwide. As usual you can also keep up to date with everything happening on our Match Center and on all of our official social networks.

Of course, this is a very different time to the usual FC Barcelona kick-off. For viewers in the Americas, it will be starting in the middle of the night or very early in the morning, and it's a late morning start for viewers in Europe and Africa. This time, it will be fans in Asia and Oceania who will be getting a rare opportunity to watch Barça in the evening.

The following guide will help you to make plans for your last chance to see Barça before the summer break.


Wednesday 25 May


Canada and the United States
Vancouver, Los Angeles (3.05 AM); Toronto, New York (6.05 AM)

Mexico City (5.05 AM)

Central America
Costa Rica (4.05 AM), Panama (5.05 AM)

Jamaica (5.05 AM), Dominican Rep (6.05 AM), Cayenne (7.05 AM)

South America
Colombia (5.05 AM); Chile (6.05 AM); Argentina, Brazil (7.05 AM)


Dakar (10.05 AM) Casablanca, Yaoundé (11.05 AM); Cape Town, Cairo (12.05 PM); Nairobi (1.05 PM)


Iceland (10.05 AM)

UK, Ireland, Portugal (11.05 AM)

Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Poland, Czech Rep, etc (12.05 PM)

Eastern Europe
Finland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Moscow, etc (1.05 PM)

Baku, Tbilisi (2.05 PM)


Arab Countries
Mecca (1.05 PM)

Central Asia
Iran (2.05 PM), Tashkent (3.05 PM); Nur-Sultan (4.05 PM), Ulaanbaatar (6.05 PM)

Indian Subcontinent
Islamabad (3.05 PM); New Delhi (3.35 PM); Dhaka (4.05 PM)

Far East
China (6.05 PM); Japan, Korea (7.05 PM)

Southeast Asia
Bangkok, Jakarta (5.05 PM)

Sydney (8.05 PM), New Zealand, Fiji (10.05 PM)



Força Barça
Força Barça

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