Piqué: 'I am very proud and I hope to keep helping the Club'

Piqué: 'I am very proud and I hope to keep helping the Club'

After making his 600th appearance as a blaugrana, the defender looks back at his career in a special tribute to the Barça Museum

In the 4-0 win over Osasuna at Camp Nou recently, Gerard Piqué made his 600th appearance as a Barça player. Now, with 602 appearance to his name he stands fifth on the all time appearance list at FC Barcelona. 

In the following video Piqué, in the Barça Museum, looks back at some of the most important moment of his blaugrana career. Don't miss it! 

We take a look at some of the highlights from the interview:

600 games

"600 games is an important figure. You feel like you are getting old but it has been a dream like career. If they had said to me when I was playing in the youth team or when I joined the Club, I would have been 100% for it." 

A dream journey 

"For me it has been a dream this journey and I hope to keep it going as long as I can - keep playing and keep helping the Club. I hope this journey does not end yet, I want it to go on a bit more. I am very proud."  

Return in2008

"It was a dream come true. I left at 17 years of age but to come back at 21...I still had a long way to go and it was the final step to staying here, making my career here and retiring here. I couldn't imagine all that would come later." 


The 6-2 against Real Madrid and the final in Rome

"The 6-2 win was one of the most iconic in history and I scored one of my favourite goals in my first Clásico in the Bernabéu." 

"Not long after, in Rome, came my first real final. Against a Manchester United side that I knew very well as they had been my team mates the season before. If we won it was the treble. They showed us a video before the game, reminding us where we came from. We went out on the field a little affected but Eto'o's goal helped a lot. It was my first season and winning the Champions League was a dream." 

First game as captain 

"My first game as Barça captain was in 2010 against Rubin Kazan in the Champions League. It was my third season and it was special to be captain at Camp Nou." 

Famous five goal win 

"The 5-0 win against Mourinho's Real Madrid was an important blow for their expectations for the season. You could start to see that we had a chance to do great things that season." 

The perfect game

"The final at Wembley is the best game we have played in terms of importance: a Champions League final against United in a legendary stadium. The superiority we showed at all time. It was the model game from that era and if I have to choose one game, it's that one." 

The second treble 

"2014 was a difficult one. I had a hip injury that kept me out a few months. I wanted to come back strong and the next season was a great one. With a slightly different style but with the best front three ever. We started the season a little badly but in the last six months we barely lost a game and we had a tough draw in the Champions League. Beating the league champions from one of the best leagues in Europe, we were the best team beating the best." 

The Valverde era

"The time with Ernesto Valverde is often looked out thinking about what we did not win, rather than what we did, but it was a good time. We have to be proud of what the team did and value those trophies." 

Injury in 2020

"The injury in the Wanda against Atlético Madrid is one of the worst moments in my career. It was the first serious injury that I have had but it made me stronger and it made me value playing here. I came back and a scored the goal to take the game against Sevilla into extra time. We won, got to the final and won another trophy. It was a great night but with fans it would have been spectacular. I have always enjoyed scoring goals." 


"My grandfather made me a member when I was born and he taught me all things Bará. The whole family are culers and that context helps a lot as the family is key in having success and a long career. You have good moments, not so good, and having people around you who help day to day is very important. They help to achieve everything." 

Friendship with Puyol

"Puyol is like a brother, he welcomed me with open arms and we have had a great relationship right from the beginning. We complemented each other really well and made an excellent centre back partnership. If it had not been for his injury, we would have played longer together." 

Barça Museum

"The Club's history is our DNA. Our way of being, our values...it's all in the Museum. Here you have unique items and it shows we have an important history. It's almost 125 years of history and we are just passing through." 



Força Barça
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