Dani Alves: 'I'm here to help put FC Barcelona back where it belongs'

Dani Alves: 'I'm here to help put FC Barcelona back where it belongs'

Brazilian defender Dani Alves speaks to Catalunya Ràdio about his return to the club that has always held a place in the centre of his heart

Dani Alves has been interviewed in depth on the ‘Tot Costa’ show on Catalunya Ràdio and the conversation has thrown up some fascinating insight into the Brazilian wing back and his return to the club where he achieved so much. 


He began by saying that “I never got the chance to say goodbye to Barça after eight years and that has always bothered me. I love this club. I love these colours. And that’s what motivated me to come back. Everything I have experienced here makes me feel like I belong here. And that has always been with me. It hasn’t been easy, but I’m because I worked hard.”

“It is important for there to be changes at this club to rebuild. In this process there is no room for fear. But this is the best place in the world and I couldn’t turn down the chance to come back here. Barça has changed football. It has changed history. And that is a value to be defended. We have to get back to where we belong.”

Back home

“I’m more experienced now. I know the club better and I know what they want and what they like. I am here to give what I have always tried to give: serious work but joy outside of it. I want to create a group that would die for this club. That’s very special to me.”

“Because of everything I do every day, and not because of what I did before, I knew I would get my chances to play. I fight for my profession and I didn’t come back to Barça to stroll about in the sun, I came here to help.”

I love this club. I love these colours. And that’s what motivated me to come back.

Dani Alves

“When I wear the Barça colours, I feel better. It’s a different kind of power. It is a gift to be back here again.”

Barça of the future

“All clubs have their ups and downs and the important thing is to make sure that the bad times don’t last. What we are looking to do is recover quick. That’s our biggest challenge.”

“The key at Barça is to keep loving the game. Loving the ball. We have to get that back. We know we need to adapt to modern football, but that is still the key. It might take a year or two, but that’s the challenge.”

“To improve, you must never worry about what the people say, but just worry about your own feelings and what you do every day. That’s basic for development. To know that what you do, work on or train for is going have an effect. And the most important thing is to play as team. To feel that the team is yours. That’s the idea and we are on the right track.”


Xavi Hernández

“The first time I met Xavi in Qatar, he encouraged me to come back but I told him I wasn’t ready. But I could already see what a good coach he is. He was very brave to take on Barça at a time of transition.”

World Cup 2022

“My goals have always been short term. My primary objective was to return to Barça. Now the World Cup is one the way and I missed the last one through injury. I will work hard to earn the right to be there. I know it all depends on how well I play here.”

Força Barça
Força Barça

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