When and where to watch Cádiz v FC Barcelona

When and where to watch Cádiz v FC Barcelona

A global guide to broadcasters and kick-off times for the next away trip of the 2021/22 la Liga campaign

The recently renamed Nuevo Mirandilla is the venue this Thursday for the next away trip of the league season. The game against Cádiz CF kicks off at 10.00pm local time and this page will help you to work out what time that will be where you are in the world.

Don't forget that you can also enjoy follow everything that's happening in our Match Center y de los perfiles oficiales en las diferentes redes sociales. Our team in the Barça TV+ studio will be keeping viewers informed, we have live commentary on Radio Barça, and we have live text updates too, including all the in-game stats.

And you can also get all the news as it happens, and in different languages, on all our social media accounts. Enjoy the game!

We also list the broadcasters that hold the right to screen Liga games in each country or region.


*However, we can not guarantee that they are actually showing the game, so please check the local TV listings to be sure.



Thursday 23 September


The Americas

Canada / Vancouver (1.00 PM); Toronto (4.00 PM)

United States and Puerto Rico / Los Angeles (1.00 PM); New York, Puerto Rico (4.00 PM)

Mexico / Mexico City (3.00 PM)
Wizz, Sky

Central America and Dominican Rep / Costa Rica (2.00 PM); Panama (2.00 PM); Santo Domingo (3.00 PM)
TUDN, Sky, Sports Max (Dom Rep)

Caribbean / Jamaica (3.00 PM); Bahamas (4.00 PM); French Guiana (5.00 PM)
Sports Max, ESPN
ATV (Suriname), BeIN (French speaking countries)

Spanish speaking South America / Bogotá (3.00 PM); Santiago (4.00 PM); Buenos Aires (5.00 PM)
Tico (Bolivia), IVC (Venezuela)

Brazil / Brasilia (5.00 PM)


North Africa / Casablanca (9.00 PM); Cairo (11.00 PM)
beIN Sports

Sub-Saharan Africa / Dakar (8.00 PM); Yaoundé (9.00 PM); Cape Town (10.00 PM); Nairobi (11.00 PM)
Super Sport 7, Star Times, Canal +
ZAP (Angola & Mozambique)


Iceland (9.00 PM)

United Kingdom & Ireland (9.00 PM)
Premier SportsLaLiga TV

Portugal (9.00 PM)
Eleven Sports

Spain (10.00 PM)
Movistar, Orange, Gol, La Liga TV (bar)

France (10.00 PM)
beIN Sports

Belgium and Luxembourg (10.00 PM)
Eleven Sports, Play Sports

Netherlands (10.00 PM)
Ziggo Sport

Germany, Austria and Italy (10.00 PM)

Switzerland (10.00 PM)

Malta (10.00 PM)

Norway (10.00 PM)
Strive, TV2

Sweden (10.00 PM)
C More

Denmark (10.00 PM)

Poland (10.00 PM)
Canal+, Eleven Sports

Czech Rep & Slovakia (10.00 PM)

Hungary (10.00 PM)
Spiler 2

Balkan republics (10.00 PM)

Albania (10.00 PM)
Super Sport

Finland (11.00 PM)
C More

Baltic States, Belarus and Moldova / Riga (11.00 PM)

Ukraine (11.00 PM)

Romania (11.00 PM)
Look Plus, Prima, Digi Sport

Bulgaria (11.00 PM)
Max Sport

Greece (11.00 PM)

Cyprus (11.00 PM)

Israel (11.00 PM)
ONE Sport

Russia / Moscow (11.00 PM)
Telesport, Okko

Turkey (11.00 PM)
Sport+, DSmart


Arab Countries / Mecca (11.00 PM)
beIN Sports

Friday, 24 August

Caucasus Region / Baku (12.00 AM)
CBC (Azerbaijan), Silknet (Georgia)

Iran (12.00 AM)
beIN Sports

Central Asia / Tashkent (1.00 AM); Nur-Sultan (2.00 AM)
UzReport (Uzbekistan), Voot, MTV (Afghanistan)

Mongolia / Ulaanbaatar (4.00 AM)
SPS Classic

Indian Subcontinent / Islamabad (1.00 AM); New Delhi (1.30 AM); Dhaka (2.00 AM)
Voot, MTV

Southeast Asia / Bangkok, Jakarta (3.00 AM); Manila (4.00 AM)
BeIN Sports
Skynet (Myanmar), SCTV, VTV Cab (Vietnam), PPTV (Thailand), CTN (Cambodia)

China (4.00 AM)
IQIYI, Shan'xi Sports, Shanghai Great Sports, Guangdong Sports, Tianjing Sports, Jiangsu Sports, Fujian Sports, Hubei General, Yunnan Public, Xinjiang Sports, Ningxia Youth, Dalian Culture, Heiliongjian Entertainment, SiTV, Now, Migu, CETV3, CDTV5

Hong Kong (4.00 AM)
Viu, La Liga, Bein, Now

Macao (4.00 AM)

Japan (5.00 AM)
DAZN, WowWow

South Korea (5.00 AM)

Australia / Sydney (6.00 AM)
beIN Sports

New Zealand (8.00 AM)
Sky Sport 7 beIN Sports

South Pacific / Tahiti (10.00 AM)
beIN Sports

Força Barça
Força Barça

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