Henrik Larsson: 'Players like our way of doing things and our philosophy'

Henrik Larsson: 'Players like our way of doing things and our philosophy'

Barça's third coach talks about the current situation with the team, but also remembers his past as a Barça player

Henrik Larsson amazed the fans during his two years as a Barça player, and he's now enjoying himself on the bench at the club.

He gave an interview to Barça TV in which he broke down his vision as a coach, the moment that the team find themselves in, as well as speaking about Ronald Koeman and Leo Messi. Here are some of his most notable statements:

Second stage at Barça

"It's different to be a coach than a player, but I'm very happy to be able to see the club from another perspective."

"It is an honour and a pleasure to return to this great club. I am delighted that Koeman wanted me on his coaching staff. It is a great opportunity for my development as a coach."

Coach Larsson

"I still retain a forwards mentality because it's important when you talk to the attacking players on the team."

"I was very influenced by the way Barça play, and it's one of the ways I understand the game as a coach."

Role in Koeman's coaching staff

"One of my duties is to talk to the strikers, but not only on the pitch. I also have individual talks with them and show them videos of matches where they have taken part. I am enjoying being part of the training sessions and seeing the quality that the players have."


How do you see the team?

"Well, we are playing well at certain times and games. With the arrival of a new coach it's normal that players need time to understand what the boss wants. It is true, however, that we've been playing good football recently."

"Not only did we play well against Real Sociedad, we are progressively playing better. The players like our way of doing things and our philosophy. It's just a matter of winning. Everyone, players and coaches, demand victory."

"The physical work that both Albert and I prepared has allowed us to be in the right condition at this moment of the campaign."


"When I shared the pitch with Leo, he was very young. I remember the first day he came to train with the first team. I talked to Gio van Bronckhorst and we wondered who that guy was. He was very good then and now he's the best footballer in the world by far."

"Everything he does is at a spectacular level. No one could imagine the level he has displayed for so many years in a row. The number of goals he has scored is incredible, unimaginable. I don't have enough words to describe his goals."

The next matches

"We have to go from game to game. We can't look beyond the next challenge, which is Valladolid. That's how it was as a player and now as a coach."

The cup final, on the horizon

"We played very well in the cup and therefore we deserve to be in the final. I hope we get a good result."

The love of Barcelona fans

"It's gratifying how much people love me, even though I was only here for two years as a player. It's not common. I think when everyone saw me on the pitch, they knew that I gave 100% to the team, and fans love the way I played. My two assists in the Paris final may also have a lot to do with it."

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