How to follow Rayo Vallecano v FC Barcelona

How to follow Rayo Vallecano v FC Barcelona

Kick off times around the world for the Copa del Rey last 16 tie in Madrid

Barça resume their Copa del Rey campaign this week after their extra time win over Cornellà last Thursday. Their opponents in the one off last 16 tie are Second Division club Rayo Vallecano away from home in the Vallecas Stadium in Madrid. 

The game kicks off on Wednesday 27 January at 9.00pm CET. Make sure you know what time that is where you are with our kick off time guide.


Everything in the Match Center

Don’t forget that we have full coverage of the game, including the build-up live from the stadium and post-match reactions in our Match Center on the Club's official website. 

You will also find our minute-by-minute text updates, a link to listen to live English language commentary on Radio Barça and plenty more to keep you entertained!

Social networks

And not forgetting the complete coverage available on our official social networks:

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Wednesday 27 January
The Americas

United States, Canada and Puerto Rico / Los Angeles, Vancouver (12.00 PM); New York, Toronto (3.00 PM); San Juan (4.00 PM)

Mexico / Mexico City (2.00 PM)

Central America and Dominican Rep / San José (12.00 PM), Panama (3.00 PM), Santo Domingo (4.00 PM)

Caribbean / Jamaica (3.00 PM), Bahamas (3.00 PM), French Guiana (5.00 PM)

Spanish speaking South America / Bogotá (3.00 PM), Santiago (5.00 PM), Buenos Aires (5.00 PM)

Brazil / Brasilia (5.00 PM)


North Africa / Casablanca (9.00 PM), Cairo (10.00 PM)

Sub-Saharan Africa / Dakar (8.00 PM), Yaoundé (9.00 PM), Cape Town (10.00 PM), Nairobi (11.00 PM)


Iceland (8.00 PM)

United Kingdom & Ireland (8.00 PM)

Portugal (8.00 PM)

Spain (9.00 PM)

France (9.00 PM)

Belgium (9.00 PM)

Netherlands (9.00 PM

Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy (9.00 PM)

Norway (9.00 PM)

Sweden (9.00 PM)

Denmark (9.00 PM)

Poland (9.00 PM)

Czech Rep (9.00 PM)

Slovakia (9.00 PM)

Hungary (9.00 PM)

Albania (9.00 PM)

Finland (10.00 PM)

Baltic States & Belarus / Riga (11.00 PM)

Ukraine (10.00 PM)

Romania (10.00 PM)

Bulgaria (10.00 PM)

Greece (10.00 PM)

Cyprus (10.00 PM

Israel (10.00 PM

Russia / Moscow (11.00 PM

Turkey (11.00 PM


Arab Countries / Mecca (11.00 PM)


Thursday, 28 January

Caucasus Region / Baku (12.00 AM)

Central Asia / Tashkent (1.00 AM), Astana (2.00 AM)

Indian Subcontinent / Islamabad (1.00 AM), New Delhi (1.30 AM), Dhaka (2.00 AM)

Southeast Asia / Bangkok, Jakarta (3.00 AM), Manila (4.00 AM)

China (4.00 AM)

Japan (5.00 AM)

South Korea (5.00 AM


Australia & New Zealand / Sydney (7.00 AM), Wellington (9.00 AM)

South Pacific / Fiji (8.00 AM)

Força Barça
Força Barça

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