Luis Enrique: '6 June 2015 is an unforgettable date'

Luis Enrique: '6 June 2015 is an unforgettable date'

Former manager recalls the day Barça not only won the Champions League but also completed a historic trebele

“It was an unforgettable final”, remembers Luis Enrique over and over again. June 6 marks the fifth anniversary of Barça’s last Champions League title, and the man who managed the team from 2014 to 2017 has shared his memories of that great day in an interview that can be watched in full on Barça TV+.


“No Barça fan will ever forget that season” he says, referring to a historic treble-winning campaign. “And those of us who lived it all from within will remember it more than anyone.”  

Road to Berlin

“It’s not just the final but also the group stage and the knockout matches. Although we had a very tough route, we weren’t out of the competition for a single second.”

Team talk before Juventus

“I said imagine I was giving the Juve team-talk and telling them about Barça. They’d be s***ing themselves. At least it raised a smile.”

Pre-match nerves

“I have never been so nervous in my life, as a player or a manager. I thought I’d calm down, but there was so much tension that I was finding it hard to deal with.”

The goals

“The first goal boosted our morale. That made the opposition realise we were serious. It’s something special about Barça and what makes all fans proud.”

Suárez’s goal was the one I have celebrated most in my life because it was the third. When it’s 2-1 you celebrate but you know there’s still a lot to be done.”

The trophy

“It’s the biggest thing that any player, coach or fan can experience. Not just winning the Champions League but the treble too. It was the second time Barça had done it. That shows what a club this is. The nicest thing is making so many people happy.”

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The 2014/15 season

“It was an unforgettable season. I don’t think any Barça fans will forget it and those of us who were part of it even more.”

The trident

“The great thing about those three was not just their football, it was their ability to pout the team ahead of any individualism. It was such a united and committed squad, not just Suárez, Neymar and Messi but the other spectacular players too. It was like a World XI.”

Cup and League

“The players were smart enough to realise that much as the Champions League is very nice, it’s even nicer if you can add the league and cup too.”

Victory parade

“It was awesome, wonderful. But it’s just one day. The day of the final, the day after, and a whole summer of people feeling happy to wear the Barça shirt. So much goes into winning a treble and when you achieve that you have to go out and enjoy it.”

Força Barça
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