Lenglet: 'It will be a new 11-game championship'

Lenglet: 'It will be a new 11-game championship'

The French central defender talked about recent Barça news, adding that 'after the break, everything returns to zero and we have to win games again'

Clement Lenglet spoke this Sunday on ‘Partidazo de Movistar,’ explaining that “the team is physically well, we have done a good job whilst at home.” Below, we take a look at some of the French centre-back's statements:

The league championship

"It's like a new 11-game championship. We will need to get as many points as possible to win, after the break everything returns to zero and we have to win matches again. Madrid and the rest of the teams will surely have worked well too.”

The training sessions

“Physically we are well, we have done work at home. For many players who have not had holidays in recent years, it has been good for us to be able to work physically.”

"We have also had more time to recover and rest, players like Messi or Griezmann almost never have a break, they always have to play the World Cup, the Copa América, European Championship ... now they have had time to rest."

Changes in format

“Players generally will do well with all five changes. We will see in time if we do well or not. There are many trips ahead, 11 games in a month…”

"Injuries? We know that we will risk a lot. So many games, in the heat, after the break… we have to prepare ourselves in the best possible way to avoid injuries.”

"I am suspended for the next game in Mallorca, but I am ready to play."

Playing without supporters

"It is not good for anyone to play without supporters. We all like to play in front of people, but we have to accept it. We want the public to come back as soon as possible."

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