Vidal: 'There are 11 finals left'

Vidal: 'There are 11 finals left'

The Chilean midfielder noted that 'it has been an incredible joy to return to training and the team is doing very well'

Arturo Vidal has spoken to Barça's club media about the return to training and how things are, and have been, more generally. Below, are some statements from the Chilean midfielder:

Return to training

“It was an incredible joy to return to training, those two months being locked up were quite long. You enjoy it a lot more when you're on the pitch with your team-mates, it's a very nice experience. Now we are coming back and are doing very well (in training), but we are facing some very important months ahead.”

“It was exciting to come back after what happened. With team-mates… there was a lot of happiness and a lot of conversation at a distance, trying to understand if each one of us has had the virus.”

The squad

"For us it is very important that Luis and the other injured players recover, because it will be two intense months with many games to play in a short space of time. We need to be at 100% for the two competitions we have left."

“I know the players are all well and have a great desire to win. We have all come back to training in very good physical condition, having prepared at home. We can't all be together yet, but hopefully soon.”

Playing without supporters

"I like to connect with the public, it feels good and it gives me great joy and enthusiasm, but we have to adapt and take advantage of all the training sessions we've had to achieve our goals."

La Liga

"These 11 games are going to be 11 finals, we are all clear about that, and that they will be very difficult. We have to trust ourselves, we have to think about winning and also doing it in the best way.”

Winning a 9th consecutive league title

“It would be a dream to win nine leagues in a row, because achieving a record with that many titles is very difficult. I still feel good and will continue fighting and winning trophies. Few players in history have done this and I'm proud. I hope to win the 9th here with Barça."

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